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juleschat 265w ago
Spiritual, not religious = I go to church just to take photos.

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Wanna Bite? (Whole wheat thins, nuefchatel cream cheese, guacamole, pepper turkey breast, baby greens, coarse black pepper) Not sharing😉👅
When did my chin succeed from the union?
No #Red Bull ABSOLUTELY NOT....NO!!! #everyTOM,DICKandHARRY CHIMINGTHEFUCKIN!!!! Be satisfied with Formula 1 if you have ANY TASTE...oh you party with the one 10/th percent....ya don wan' go there...@chrisdelia wan'fire🔥
This Dude #MarchofthePenguins and just in case you're not BLEEDING from laughter - does SPOT ON French accent...while SCHOOLING FOOLS ...Is there anything he can't do? NO! #Dying #funniesthumanevs @chrisdelia @congratulations_podcast Jesus christ!
Yo it's already deteriorating! Too Soon!
The world is upside down lately; my tennis shoes have zippers and my shirt has laces...
Yo I've had more sugar this week than I've had in a decade and keep losing weight. Guess I'm dying:( also someone is chewing holes in my sweats...still, I'm lit AF
I keep it FRESH. Remove the equivalent of a bag of gummy bears (candied cranberries) from an otherwise healthy spinach salad but take up 2 notches by adding roasted seaweed and 1/2 avocado. Oh and I also do this while wearing dope shits🏇 Seeya'roun...🛀
Are you kidding me? Been eating Starbucks frozen/reheated sandies...this literally melts in your mouth so fresh and pillowey and healthy! JesusCristo! Where have ya'bean? #cornerbakery
Finally listened to this! Is there any talent this guy doesn't have? I mean add Foley artist to the list - when he ditched that chick at the restaurant and drove off - perfection! Sounds better than the real thing, even did gear changes. I seriously wondered if he was ever going to mention fried butterfly - where does he come up with it? Of course I was laughing maniacally from the start with 7 foot boy - I look like the crazy people at your coffees to the general public! Stop threatening us tho! You love it and you have a shit ton of sponsors for a new podcast😎😍😘 thank you for being so funny😂👏💋💕 @chrisdelia
Oh Shit! It's the Girl Without Any Tattoos! Guys, this might be my last tweet evs! #deadbeforesunrise ✋byebye
Y'get MORONZ anything other than @chrisdelia is DUMMY- EH'S'SMART #SPOILED 🐕🐕🐵💐
Been watching this last few days...thought about food truck at some point cuz I rock food - but THIS GUY WOW. I don't eat pork, beef yet don't need to respect his flavor profiles and PERSONALITY CITY! hadta' take a moment #respect! Two fav chefs are @davidchang @ridingshotgunla 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Been listening to @chrisdelia for 6-7 years straight - this is HANDS DOWN the MOST LIT I've ever heard him (been to all his Specials tapings)...can't breathe! #THA'BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!
#VapingDevilsPlaygroundPlumes #CrazyGuyShittyDogTHATHASFALLENONHARDTIMES!!! 😂😂😂😂 #LostBabiesandFallingInLoveHarderThanBefore💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🐕🐕😭😭😭😵😵😨😇😇
#OZARK really good @jasonbateman ! Directed👏👌👊 #snowleopard #cooking!!!!!!!!! killedme #ESCAPEROOMS #BUCKTEETH🙏 YO CHRIS YOU REMEMBER ENTIRE HOURS OF SETS !!!! NA'IDIOT!!! (Look) (at) (my)(Tip) (inspirational) we remember what matters to us...😋😎😍💟💟💟💟💟thank you for another great podcast!👅👅👅💋💋💋💋💋 @chrisdelia
Was on my way to see @chrisdelia at Comedy Store last JUMPED - thrown down cement stairs but not before I cold clocked one of them with a hard left punch. I'm no joke just sucks I missed my main man because I'm all about laughing and having fun - don't believe life should be a struggle. Yet I'll always defend myself. My fav glasses stolen😢 just replaced 😁 need stiches:( NO!