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  Posted: Sep 15, 2012 1:45 PM FEED
146 Valencia
This is my braid. Tag your photos of your braids to #instabraidcontest for the chance for a shoutout!
  • This is so beautiful! First comment

  • Gorgeous!!

  • No ur not the first commen @cat_carlson

  • Actually your 2nd. @cat_carlson

  • Ugly

  • Don't hate @jjrosexoxo

  • روعه عجبتني !

  • If u don't like it then don't comment! @jjrosexoxo

  • _mog64 5y ago

    I can =))

  • Wooiw

  • Ok god, sorry. Y do you care? @melissa_munozxo @ithink_iloveyou7

  • No need to get all pissed.. I'm just letting you know. @cat_carlson

  • I'm not, jeeze I'm only ten @ithink_iloveyou7

  • @sofiaguiar27 we gotta do this!!!💁

  • Please throw your phone into a river if you are 13 years of age and under. Undeserving.

  • @ljp_11 no 😁

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @ljp_11 YES! 👏 at 10 I had this thing we played with all the time! It's called outside & we were there all day!!

  • I love this

  • 5y ago

    @ohhayitsjen do this on me!(:

  • K people leave @cat_carlson_ummmmmya she didn't do anything wrong so stop bitching

  • THANK YOU @r00fus agreed!

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Cute braid though 😊

  • Thx for sticking up for me @cat_carlson

  • And tgx for sticking up for @cat_carlson ur a good person @hayleigh_brown

  • I wish I could braid like that!!

  • Drama with 10 year olds.

  • That is so cool

  • r00fus 5y ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA riiiiight @ljp_11 this entire thread made me laugh. Smh. Another reason 10 years olds shouldn't have phones. Can't take any kind of comment or criticism without having 2-36975427 people running to their defense. Hey @gabby_moore & @cat_carlson_ummmya we (as adults) think y'all (as kids of 10-14 years of age) are TOO YOUNG to own a cell phone. End of discussion. Go on with your lives. It's a weekend. Get off the Internet & enjoy that outside thing @ljp_11 & I were taking about lmao

  • _h52 5y ago


  • Awwww thanks gabby @gabby_moore

  • Doofas @r00fus leave me and my best friend fricking alone

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Y'all. Are. Kids. End. Of. Story. Cell phones at 14?! Christ. We just think its ridiculous. & unnecessary. So I'm thinking y'all just need at reason to defend someone who has no Internet etiquette. @gabby_moore this has nothing to do with you except that you are too young for a cell phone. Get over it

  • @gabby_moore umm I stopped commenting. Calm your tits chick.

  • I don't care, that's ur opinion and my parents obviously have a different one. Yeah. I can take criticizem but when u start making fun of me for saying first comment.... What a jerk an idiot @r00fus

  • @r00fus is right. Maybe you children should respect your elders and shut up. And i'm talking to @gabby_moore @cat_carlson @hayleigh_brown and @jjrosexoxo YOU GUYS ARE SO ANNOYING, LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M TRYING TO DRIVE. Not something you 10 year olds can do. Please do us a favor, and go outside.

  • Really cute!

  • Don't text while driving. @ljp_11 And I'm not saying anything about you

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Uh huh. Well. You girls just keep chit chatting online. I've got better things to do like GET OFF MY PHONE & GO OUTSIDE. Haha. Kids smh it's ok I'm not mad I was just saying y'all are young. That's another reason I'm not mad because haha you'll get it when you're older. Hopefully. I mean I get it but I also didn't have a cell phone at 14 so maybe it'll be different when y'all get older idk but I don't care

  • I could go on ALL DAY about this.

  • Me too @ljp_11

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Ditto @ljp_11 so ditto but they'll blow up this thread LONG after we're over it because let's face it, we're over it! Haha

  • By the way i'm not really driving. I'm just making a point that i can. And i'm not mad either, you guys are just kids.

  • HAHA @gabby_moore 😘 another reason I love you

  • No problem :) @jjrosexoxo

  • Oh my god all of you are fighting over nothing!

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @ljp_11 FINALLY! We got them to go outside!! That's great it works outside, enjoy it there too @gabby_moore because THAT WAS OUR POINT! Enjoy the day

  • @ljp_11 you are trying to drive and also commenting here??? And you are an adult?? Ohhh

  • LOL @kathrinkel thanks

  • @kathrinkel i already said i'm not actually driving... Who are you? Don't tag me

  • Lol

  • @r00fus @ljp_11 hey ever heard of something called iPod touches? U guys make me SICKK. People like u need to be kicked of of instagram

  • I feel like some people will cheat & get it off the internet


  • LOVE Ya Megan!!!!!!

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @megan_brennan_21 iPods still cost more than most practical things that 14 year olds should learn about. How are we trashing them? Because y'all are young? Psh. YOU can take that as trash but that's YOUR opinion. @ljp_11 of course I blocked them the

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Minute they said more than on comment

  • r00fus 5y ago


  • Leave these girls alone! Im 22 and I don't trash little girls instagrams. So freaking leave them alone

  • thats so mature

  • r00fus 5y ago

    So our point @ljp_11 I think is made. Besides. Instagram is for pictures for a reason. Because kids can't hold it together smh

  • Umm @ljp_11 u r only 16

  • r00fus 5y ago

    & I'm way older than y'all so just hush @megan_brennan_21 @cat_carlson_ummmya @braid101 I'm making a point & I think it's been made. Jumping off of this thread now okay thanks for confirming my social networking theory I can now write my essay. I appreciate it ladies 👍 @ljp_11 haha this was great

  • @braid101 thank u :) I'm just trying to stick up for my friends :/

  • U are just all being a bunch of jerks that are mad and want to take it out on a bunch of kids. We all know you just want to win. Because that's what teenagers do. My friends will stand up for me. Think about what you're saying before you say it. You obviously don't have any best friends because they would be standing up for you right now. Oh wait, THERE IS NO REASON TO STAND UP FOR YOU!!!! @ljp_11 @r00fus

  • Haha ^ I was just gonna say that @megan_brennan_21

  • She will hush if she want's to hush. Don't underestimate her. @r00fus

  • @r00fus u don't realize how much words can hurt do u? I mean I've was bullied for 3 years so I no how to ignore it but if you are like this in real life, then u have a problem. U just want to make others feel bad, and that is not the way to live life. U too @ljp_11

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @cat_carlson_ummmya why would I need anybody to stand up for me? Also, I'm NO teenager haha don't get it twisted plus friends have nothing to do with this. You can have friends all day but the point I've been making has been made lol & trash talking? Really? I am not trust it you know when I am. So no reason to get mad. I was never mad. I was laughing the whole time because y'all take SUCH OFFENSE to little things. Priceless. I'm not trying to "win" there is no "winning" in a discussion I'm old enough to know this haha so jump off of this girls it's over & has been.

  • Yeah, Words do hurt. I was bullied for a year and there was no one there for me. Think about things before you say them. I said "First comment" and u all laughed at me and i said whats so funny you started it all. And you can't just end this. Just leave me and my friends alone. If you were really the mature one you would apoligize, more on, and stop bullying me @r00fus

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @megan_brennan_21 I'm sorry you've been bullied that's horrible. There is no bullying jeez I'm just saying y'all are too young for cell phones! HOW IS THAT BULLYING? Seriously. Deal with whatever how you need to but don't just throw around the word "bully". & @cat_carlson_ummmya says "don't underestimate her" THAT sounds bullying in itself. So quit. All of you. So pointless.

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Yeah but in more of a way y'all wouldn't understand yet. So stop. If you don't like "bullying" y'all wouldn't "gang up" on some one person, or try & call names, or insult some one person as a group. Y'all are online bullies so quit acting all hurt & like martyrs & go play

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @gabby_moore @cat_carlson_ummmya @megan_brennan_21 @emilyyswackk look I had to tag 4. 4 to 1? That's bully

  • @r00fus ok. I respect you're an adult...


  • Wait! ^thats a woman! Obviously she hasn't matured enough to be married...

  • But you jumped on my friends talked about how spoilt and stupid they are... And adults don't jump on little kids and tell them that stuff... @r00fus

  • lol @r00fus and @ljp_11. One of you is only 16 and the other has a baby as your profile picture. It's been fun watching you makes fools of yourselves over little kids. Who cares if they have phones and they're "only 14". That's their PARENTS decision. Not some loser on an ego trip ON THE INTERNET. Get your head out of your butt and stop trolling stuff like this trying to find victims to pick on. But, nice job on setting a good example for younger generations! ☺😊 @cat_carlson_ummmya @megan_brennan_21

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Haha see? Mad. Over what? Nothing. Go play @cat_carlson_ummmya you started this whole thread anyway so you can stop it. Prevent the forest fire, Smokey. I'm done. This is pointless.

  • Thank you so much, you are so nice and thank you for sticking up for me @elizerbethh

  • r00fus 5y ago

    I never said stupid! I implied spoiled but never said it. It's cool. Yes my son is my life because I'm old enough to enjoy it like that. It's cool y'all do what y'all need to do or say & I can be the victim so y'all conquered a "bully" together. Check it off your bucket list then. Pointless. @elizerbethh

  • You've said you done multiple times. go away now @r00fus I said that i commented first. Then you started all this crap. I'm allowed to say "First Comment!" you don't need to shit on my rainbow @r00fus

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Hahaha you shat on your own rainbow sweetheart but that's a good one on stealing that hahahaha @cat_carlson_ummmya

  • K if you guys were actually mature adults you wouldn't be on instagram harassing and arguing with 14 year olds @r00fus @ljp_11

  • I didnt steal anything. You said you were leaving so...... GO @r00fus ive now memorzed your username. Thats not a good thing

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @tastyfoodgalore ? Hm. Must be just me thinking 14year olds with phones is a bad idea then. Ok I'm in the wrong. This generation is crazy

  • Thanks you very much @tastyfoodgalore

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Haha @tastyfoodgalore honestly? I would've told their parents myself they were too young for cells in person

  • r00fus 5y ago

    But their parents aren't online so they hear it, not the adults @tastyfoodgalore

  • No problem @cat_carlson_ummmya and @gabby_moore! People like that are sad, sad individuals. And over someone saying "first comment"? I'll admit, it's a little annoying but doesn't warrant calling someone a spoiled brat that doesn't know the value of things. Honestly, people these days. 😳 All I wanted to do was look at braids on my feed! lolol

  • Haha I know right! @elizerbethh

  •  you so nice @tastyfoodgalore to stand up for someone you don't even know

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @tastyfoodgalore yup. All of them. It's cool though lol nice talking to y'all too! Like I said, now I can write my paper on this social networking theory 👍

  • Creative

  • @tastyfoodgalore your so nice ! (:

  • And I'm not 10 either -_- u don't even know me and it's my parents decision when I get a phone .

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Of course @tastyfoodgalore that's the point. Haha

  • @instabraid I think you should delete all the people who decide to have annoying conversations on your posts, I love looking at your braids and I often look at the comments to see if people have tried them and of they worked out but i'm tired of the negative comments.

  • @instabraid @kazrakae Agreed. Save the drama for Facebook and twitter, where it belongs lol

  • Very pretty :)

  • @thatmal drama doesn't belong anywhere. haha 😁

  • Um, how about you go play outside because you obviously have nothing better to do than cyber bully ten year olds. I mean why do you even care? Grow. Up. @r00fus @ljp_11

  • It's totally crazy cute

  • braids hate me... especially my hair... 

  • I don't give 2 flying shits about what you people have to say! This was over several hours ago!

  • NICE

  • Wow whenever I come on here there is always a fight on instabraid and it's about nothing!!! It really annoying!! who else agrees?? Xx

  • My sister @naomi_rascol also does braids... I think she's like sooooooo good at braiding!

  • Shut the frig up @ljp_11 I'm 11 and u must be eighty cuz u don't fly by in my book I'll kick u back to age 11 and then we can talk but ur just a bi***

  • @r00fus , you are telling me... As a parent, you wouldn't let your teenager have a phone? With all the crime around... Wouldn't you want him/her to have a cell phone in case they were out and something happened or at a friends and needed a ride? There's a new thing that has been on the news where teenager girls beat the day lights out of their friends. Call them over to "hangout" and ambush them. You're saying you wouldn't give your child a cell phone to make sure they were safe and ok?

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @breakuhleg seriously?! Kids just beat them up for no reason at all? Just. Because?! That's so messed up but at the same time are parents aware of this? I guess if it's in the news but not out here. Also, she's 14. Maybe if she's running around with friends who run around with randoms idk but she also originally said "I'm 10" & that's way too young period. That's crazy about that "ambushing" or whatever but if there are "popular" kids doing that to other kids then they shouldn't be so

  • r00fus 5y ago

    Popular & arrested

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @breakuhleg it's crazy either way 14 is too young to be dealing with that kind of crazy

  • @r00fus I'm not sure if popularity is the reason or not. But exactly. They have more crime then we ever did. When we were young yes ten is wayyyy too young for a cell phone. However, now, if my son went out, I would give him one.

  • r00fus 5y ago

    @breakuhleg to go out he can have mine because I'll be with his father, but to own one, mainly because of bullying & that ambushing (jeez!) no not yet not at 14. In MY opinion though! It's crazy, a 14 year old is terrified of her "friends", because she's going to get jumped? That's wrong. So wrong

  • @r00fus exactly! Poor girls.

  • Omg!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! But I like the braid though... lol

  • Geez, what the heck is all the drama? It's not the fact that the kids are too young to have phones, some kids just don't know how to be nice. Or if they do, something's going on with the kid. That's all. People are just being nosy and wanting to start fights on INSTAGRAM on a picture of a freaking BRAID. Do what kids in the stone ages did and fight in person.

  • Guys stop fighting about YOUR opinion this is a braid................

  • BAHAHAH i was stalking this account (because I'm very bored) and reading these comments. @r00fus of course you don't want your kid to have a phone, he might wind up like @cat_carlson and have to spend his day getting comments from bitches like you!

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