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2° in January seems to inspire an optimism that radiates into the rest of my life. 🍁
I joke sometimes about how @thrice "basically raised me", but I'm never entirely joking. I was 11 years old when I heard The Melting Point of Wax for the first time and they've been my favourite band ever since. I always felt like as I grew, they grew with me - and a lot of my own growth has been because of them. When they broke up I really felt that I'd never love music the same way again. So #sorrynotsorry for this second photo from last night's show. My heart hasn't felt so full in a long time. #tbeitbn
Went to @sophiesucree for a spinach and feta pastry this morning, left with a half dozen cupcakes 😅 Infinite gratitude to @benignaa for letting me drag her around Montreal today. 😚😚
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the @pomonamillspark community planting today! Together we planted 150 new native trees and shrubs (!!), removed invasive species, improved the park's biodiversity and strengthened the soil structure by the river bank. And had so much fun! 🌼🌿🌿
GUYS MY BLOODROOT IS BLOOMING. 🌼🌼🌼 I was skeptical that it would do well in my garden but a nanps volunteer talked me into bringing one home last year and I'm super grateful. They're one of my favourite flowers.
An immature Cooper's Hawk that was hanging out above our community mailbox this afternoon.
Got to combine two of my favourite things today - nature and talking to kids. The theme of this collection is 'What do birds eat in Winter?'
__naadia 104w ago
So last night I discovered that @haikuforyouto is a thing and I think it is now my *favourite* thing
__naadia 114w ago
First homemade pickles of the season + dinner with Ethan and Explosions in the Sky later. Storms are our favourite. 😊 Hope your rainy Monday is going just as well! ☔☔
__naadia 118w ago
Friends, please go vote because I am really tired of this garbage.
__naadia 119w ago
A very round American Goldfinch that visited our yard today.
__naadia 123w ago
Still super behind on prepping my vegetable beds, BUT I did start putting my tomato plants in the ground today and that calls for a celebratory juice break. 😉
__naadia 124w ago
Goutweed is very pretty but also very invasive! Yanked some out of my yard today and replaced it with a native groundcover, waldsteinia fragarioides. 🌿