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No shame this one. Saturday = let it all hang out.
Will drive for brunch. Breakfast sandwich: longanisa sausage or house made bacon, sriracha aioli, medium egg & scallions on a brioche bun; Breakfast porridge: ginger porridge, sous vide egg, soy pickles, fermented cabbage relish, crispy seaweed, bok choy, roasted mushroom; Basket of bread with jam and butter. Thinking I’ll get the porridge next time. @riadolly4
Coffee is my friend. Thinking about all those impacted by the wildfires up north. My go to coffee mug on my days off from work. @calistogapottery
Thursday and work week is over. Pasto in his happy spot on @aginspector
Just in case anyone was curious, a slightly portly house cat (Pasto) will fit in a Delsey carry-on. I had unpacked and was putting somethings away and when I came back, someone was ready to travel.
Back to this (my job) on Tuesday. Truck is used to test the accuracy of commercial LPG (propane) devices. I had to spec out a new truck chassis since the former one was getting a bit old and always in the shop. Once we found a suitable chassis (length,PTO, etc.), I had to arrange for the testing equipment to be transferred to the new chassis. Took about two years start to finish. Since the equipment was transferred I had to have the LPG provers recalibrated and certified as to their accuracy. That’s what’s going on in this photo. Personnel from the CDFA/Division of Measurement Standards drove from Sacramento with their testing equipment in tow. Had our new truck and other LPG testing vehicle decertified. Now you know why I need decompression once in awhile.
Brunch. Walked over 17 miles over the last few days. Get into my belly cinnamon roll.
Happy Sunday morning. Coffee is my friend. ☕️
Could not have been a more perfect day for a harvest party.