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kinfolk 265w ago
spring planning .. @jules_pointer @ksearlewilliams

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The Kinfolk Entrepreneur arrives in stores today! Our latest book features the advice and tips of more than 40 inspiring leaders from the worlds of publishing, architecture, fashion, design and beyond. #thekinfolkentrepreneur @artisan_books
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the opening of Close Contact earlier this week. The exhibition remains open every weekday at The Kinfolk Gallery until October 31st. Amagertorv 14, First Floor. Produced in partnership with: @normarchitects and @sorensenleather
Learn how visionary ideas take root and ripen into careers. Order The Kinfolk Entrepreneur now at

Join us at The Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen for the opening of Close Contact, a photography exhibition by Norm Architects, Kinfolk and Sørensen Leather with original artworks by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. Tuesday October 10th, 18:00-21:00 at Amagertorv 14, first floor. Drinks and light snacks thanks to: @thelabkitchen, @mikkellerbeer, @noerrebrobryghus, @copenhagendistillery, @mana_iste, @fevertreedk and @wasaraofficial. Close Contact continues to show at The Kinfolk Gallery Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00 until October 31st.
The São Paulo home of Julio Roberto Katinsky is a living, breathing masterpiece of Brazilian modernism: all curves, concrete and creeping vegetation. (Photo: @ricardolabougle, Styling: Leandro Favaloro & Martina Lucatelli)
The latest issue celebrates food as a lens through which identity and relationships can be interpreted. As MFK Fisher famously wrote, "Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act, which should not be indulged in lightly."
On, New York–based designer Lauren Manoogian shares tips for easing into frosty weather with a wardrobe that’s equal parts cozy and elegant. (Photo: @zandertaketomo)
Dinner preparations at Torvehallerne Market, Copenhagen.
Acne Studios flagship in Seoul designed by Sophie Hicks.
Visiting the Korea Furniture Museum in Seoul.
Helmut Lang exhibit at Cibone, Tokyo.
Introducing The Kinfolk Entrepreneur! Our latest book meets over 40 international entrepreneurs who offer tips, advice and inspiration for anyone hoping to forge their own professional path. Available to order at Published by @artisan_books.

Excited to share a preview from our new book! #thekinfolkentrepreneur
In Issue Twenty-Five, chef Edna Lewis is remembered as "The Grande Dame of Southern Cooking". Here, Edna bakes a cake for Vogue magazine in 1973. (Photo: John T. Hill)