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shooting in a real cute house today. sweet ninja turtles art too

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back home in time for dinner, bath and bedtime ❤️❤️❤️
🙌🏼 EPIC WEDDING WEEKEND COMPLETE 🙌🏼 Big Chill -esque 80s beach mansion full of friends ✅ incredible wedding venue that was essentialy gilligan's island ✅drinking dancing incredible food ✅✅✅ Thank you and congratulations Chrissy and Sam, we love you! 🍾🥂🎉 #aboyagirlagoat 😎✌🏼❤️
first time in Charleston ! super excited for the wedding we are here for, the whole afternoon to explore (and eat and drink) and a weekend with fraaaands (we have a house for a big group of us, Real World styles). FIRST STOP STRAIGHT FROM AIRPORT: @leonsoystershop 🙌🏼
it's been a terrible few days and it's getting harder to find language for each one to be distinct from the other terrible days. it's a hard weird scary time. and in this emotionally fragile state that i feel like we are all residing in like, 90% of the time, thing that mark the end of good eras feel extra sad. Tom Petty is emotionally important to me. He loomed so large in my childhood and teenage-dom. He made the dance parties of my 20s the best ever. In my 30s he dominated the playlist i listened to when I gave birth. I always tear up at the end of Free Falling and I think Don't Come Around Here No More is a melancholy masterpiece. I got to see the Heartbreakers live twice, most recently on our wedding anniversary in July. They were amazing. His music is a moodlifter. When you hear American Girl you cannot NOT turn it up. and dance. and make your friends dance. And you feel GOOD. He always makes me feel good. He's hopeful Americana to me and I hope he rests in peace. ✌🏼😎<--- basically TP in emoji 🙌🏼
fall weather friday!!!!! i'm fully committed to leopard as a neutral, i don't want to take these boots off ever 👢👢
so far I feel pretty happy about the childhood he's having 💛💚💙💜❤️
it was a freakishly gorgeous day in New York today, babies. but here's the best part of today: the week is over 🙃the WEEK is OVER 🙌🏼THE WEEK IS OVER 😎!!!! #hustle
got a new mirror at an estate sale so I redid the mantel. it's not there yet but i love it. also: this room is getting painted soon (we never did when we moved in, and needs a freshen up) and we arent sure on a color. a darker warmish grey? or...?
the signage was inspired by Louise Fili's book of the signs of Italy, the mural was commissioned from a local Minneapolis artist and the photo murals and art inside are favorite images from the archive. I loved working on this store last year ! 🙌🏼
before we left for the airport yesterday Preston and I made a pact: no matter how hard the flight or the long drive afterward will be with Zephyr, let's just count to a jillion 😜and let it roll off our backs. Well guess what- Z was amazing yesterday. I have no idea how or why. He was consistently happy, laughing and smiling all day. he napped on the flight. he was happy to jump around inside a new car and pull out all my dental floss while we sweated and cursed our way through installing a rented carseat. and then a 3 hour drive that took us way past his bedtime had him giggling and excited about his first potato olés (if you know then you know). i'm learnging that so much of my anxiety about parent shit is just that: MY anxiety. sometimes it's warranted but a lot of it is just me being too worried. I HAVE TO WORK ON THIS ! a few things though: i understand liability issues concerning car seats but @hertz ? you can find a way to be more helpful to tired parents with tired kids. these car seats are just handed over with no instruction? this shit is not that universal. BE BETTER. also a thank you to the @delta flight attendant who found an open row for the man sitting next to us so that we would have 3 seats to ourselves. we didn't ask, she just thought it would be helpful and it really really was. that was an unintentionally LONG ASS POST! and now we are in Minnesota ❤️👋🏼
if you've been following along with my stories, you know that Z has roseola 😫 which isn't terribly serious but it's 3 days of very high fever followed by 2ish days of extreme (in our case?) irritability. which is 5 days of unhappy baby which in toddler time feels like a year at least. today we started to turn a corner but daaaaaang dudes. this house hasn't been this fully sleep deprived in a loooong tiiiiime. my poor goose ! ❤️💔
🌝e c l i p s e f e v e r 🌚
i've been rereading @lynseyaddario's book and I think it inspired me this afternoon to look at the PEOPLE at the event and not just the event itself 😎
zef windmilling down the lawn behind my aunt and uncle's new barn next to their new house in the berkshires. it's a dream here 😍
weekends are for family walks (reality: bb walks about 10 steps before he wants to touch something, run into someone's yard, try to rip flowers out of the ground , not hold my hand and sit down in protest) 🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏼😎
we thought it was a good day to take zephyr to the museum and maybe to the highline. we are idiots (18 month olds want to TOUCH EVERYTHING and also make ANIMAL NOISES all day long). then he only wanted to destroy flowers and climb everything at the high line. so we wrangled him into his stroller (not easy or fun) and went to eat lunch where he passed out hard and we got about 30 mins of musuem time. #toddlerlife