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  • vckykub 265w ago

    15 minutes if I leave at 6:45. After about 7:15 it turns into a 45 minute commute. Some days I carpool @ 7:30 and we take the hov which takes about 15 minutes. I'm still getting used to any commute. It used to take me 5 minutes to get to work with traffic!

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vckykub 18h ago
My initial impression of the Portland Head Light. The first few days of my vacation were pretty gross, weather-wise. Thankfully the rain subsided for enough time for me to walk around and enjoy the lighthouse and the park.
vckykub 19h ago
Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Various points around Lake Sebago State Park, Maine.
Rocky Gorge, White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
I will eventually run out of vacation photos to post. Eventually.
I've always wanted to travel to New England to view the fall foliage. It was a beautiful drive. I'd like to do it again, but spend more time out in the woods and less time in and around Boston. This trip was split between those 2 worlds.
Taken on the flight from Newark to WPB today.
Life and travel have thrown my reading into a state of chaos. I am reading 4 books concurrently. --- I began reading Gone Girl during vacation. I bought and downloaded the book before the movie came out and just never found time to read it. - I also began reading We Are Water on my recent vacation. It took me about 100 pages to really get into it. Now I'm enjoying the unfolding story. - John C. Maxwell's book was an airport purchase at the start of this trip. I always seem to buy a leadership book at the airport. - I haven't read What Happened since before my vacation. It's shorter chapters make it a good lunchtime read, so I'll probably be reading it for quite some time.
Last Sunday, cruising the beautiful Kancamagus Highway.
Neat stop, Wilson Farm, Lexington, MA
Neat stop, Wilson Farm, Lexington, MA
Sunday, White Mountains, New Hampshire
Driving north in New Hampshire on Sunday. Rain, fog and clouds. Fun stuff!
Last Sunday was such a rainy, gross day in New Hampshire, but it was still beautiful. The night before I stayed in Laconia, NH in a cottage that overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee. I loved sitting on the porch to enjoy the temps and the views. These are a few pics from the lake.
Saturday, Ahern State Park
Some of the roadside views seen on my drive to and in New Hampshire.
Yesterday I landed in Boston, got lost in Boston, and made it out of Boston. It's funny... I don't remember getting lost when I was here 10 years ago and only had a map from the rental car company and some printed out Mapquest instructions. Thanks, iPhone.
It's been too long since her last tour. 8 months until the tour lands in South Florida, but I'm already excited! #pink#p!nk#beautifultrauma #soexcited
I didn't expect to love this book as much as I did. The cover mentions that you'll laugh and you'll cry, and it's true. It's a slow burn as you learn more and more about what brought Ove to this point in his life. It's an enjoyable read!