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Last Saturday I saw a group of girls dancing in Tokyo. Apparently, they are some idols! And their fans were hella cute dancing and all with the pen lights XD #musocirculation
When Spanish sounds don’t translate to Japanese, you get this XD
Titicaca vs Chichi-Kaka

スペイン語で「チチ」は 「おしっこ」で、「カカ」は「ウンコ💩」 ですよ 。 この店の名前はとんでもない面白かった!
I LOVE this family 💕💘 I always feel welcomed in their home and they have a very special place in my heart ❤️, thank you for letting me spend such a wonderful time with you
Never mind! I lost everything!! To a newbie nonetheless!!!!
One of my students got me a key chain from Australia!! #igotthebeststudents #ilovemystudents
Meeting with my friend Hiroko for some girl talk and window shopping at Ginza #iwanttoliveintokyo #tokyolife