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Just a couple of guys taking a selfie 💸💸💸 Pretty nice little Friday actually... Had the pleasure of shooting @unclerush 60th birthday party for @medmenhq
5 years since I lost my best friend Cody. 😢 This is me and him in 93'. #mydeaddogcody
Bummed I missed the wedding today but wanted to shout out my two good friends on getting married...❤❤❤
@auroramusic SXSW 2016 shot for @youtube. Didn't know who she was before this show but definitely a fan now.
I've been an @etnies fan since I started riding bmx in 1998. I always look forward to any video they put out because everyone involved puts in 100%. We're in a time where a full length is rare and I'm happy there are companies still taking the effort to produce a complete video. 'Chapters' exceeded my exceptions and I was lucky to attend the world premiere Friday night with all my friends. Congratulations to everyone involved. 👏👏👏
Randomly met up with a crew at this pool in Hollywood on @mikeescamilla's birthday today. Rooftop with a classic Canadian nosepick. Welcome to level 4.