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The Bean sculpture in Chicago is even cooler than I thought it would be! #blessed #chicagosculpture #artexpert #iknowartstuff #hashtag
Wait...this isn't the Bean sculpture, is it? 😦🤗
Charlie pulled a shift at Mt. Rushmore; they needed his ears to prevent a rock slide.
It's hard to tell in this picture but she's 50 feet tall. She's a few hours up from Crazy Horse and we caught her just before the sun set.
Seeing the Crazy Horse Memorial on Native Americans' Celebration Day was a goose bump inducing experience. Can't believe we got to watch the South Dakota Philharmonic play with the Creekside Singers. I can still feel the music in my fingers.
"Before the Kiowa came south they were camped on a stream in the far north where there were a great many bears, many of them. One day, seven little girls were playing at a distance from the village and were chased by some bears. The girls ran toward the village and the bears were just about to catch them when the girls jumped on a low rock, about three feet high. One of the girls prayed to the rock, 'Rock take pity on us, rock save us!' The rock heard them and began to grow upwards, pushing the girls higher and higher. When the bears jumped up to reach the girls, they scratched the rock, broke their claws, and fell on the ground. The rock rose higher and higher, the bears still jumped at the girls until they were pushed up into the sky, where they now are, seven little stars in a group (The Pleiades). In the winter, in the middle of the night, the seven stars are right over this high rock. When the people came to look, they found the bears' claws, turned to stone, all around the base."
We went through Big Sky Country, then Crow Country, then La Quinta country. And now I'm heading into Snooze Country because tomorrow is another day.
Nature giveth, then taketh away, but then giveth again. Our trip to Glacier National Park didn't go quite as planned. It started with early morning fog with minimal visibility, a wonky tire, and a mostly closed Going-To-The-Sun Road due to forest fires. We headed toward the northeast entrance only to be greeted by a dark and slow-moving blizzard on the horizon. It was still all so beautiful despite not getting in to the main park. Now I'll just have to go back again someday, which is a happy thing.
Just a picture of a very, very super normal couple. Super, very normal. 😂
Yesterday we ran into an army of giants, a murder of crows and a twisty 101 drive along the ocean with turns that would turn the steadiest. This morning Charlie and TT went on their first beach walk, they loved it which was pretty awesome to watch.