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Happy Birthday @jamiecoolbeans I miss you so much and can't wait for the day your back in Cali, but until then have the best birthday and know that you are loved by me! 🥂💋🎉
THANK YOU ANNA @katefrenchsource for this entire year of research and photographs of my dads ancestry. Was the ultimate gift that will be passed down through generations. You have gone over and beyond and then the finale arrived today with an entire zip drive of our history!! You are incredible and have been such an amazing support system through the years and that is the best gift of all. Also I'm obsessed with the Tasmanian devil pouch 👌🏼♥️👍🏼 thank you, thank you 💋
Yesterday all of our whimsical plans fell through... which included a ride on the ferris wheel under a full moon. However as bummed as Jon and I were and feeling like the night was a bust these two kids started running up and down the board walk and giggling until they couldn't breathe. On the car ride home we listened to Jeff Buckley's hallelujah and Henry's sweet voice sang along and I realized there were so many moments in this night that were perfect. #family #love #fullmoon @jonwjohnson
On Mondays that suck like today's, with senseless killings and a death of a legend, this is the best picture in the world. ♥️ #love
Happy 7 Year Anniversary @jonwjohnson 🎉 I couldn't love you you more... ♥️ and I'll love you forever.
Today was magic filled with bed snuggles and alone time in magic places with my H. I loved turning 33 today because I love these people and the friends and the family and the beauty that my life is so filled with everyday. I feel extremely blessed and it's times like these in moments of bliss that I want to fight even harder for all that is good and right and what makes this world beautiful. If we don't fight for it then we will have none of it, never stop fighting for the good and stand up to the wrong in this world. Thank you all for making this day magic and let's keep moving forward with fight and might. ♥️💪🏼👊🏼
Day 6. 7 black and white photos of everyday life, no people, no explanation, except it's my BIRTHDAY! Thank you to everyone for the bday love and wishes!! ♥️🤗💋I challenge @toshnaz mwaaahaahaa!!!!
Day 5, 7 black and white photos of everyday life, no people, no explanation. I challenge @bridget.peterson
Day 4, black and white, pictures of your everyday, no people. I Challenge @woodrow_thomson
Tasting our cactus fruit... tastes like dragon fruit. 🌵
Day 3 black and white photos of everyday life, no people, no explanations. @aggieharwick I challenge @jonwjohnson
Day 2 Black & White series of every day life, no people, no explanations. I challenge @morrisam