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  Posted: Sep 14, 2012 5:27 AM FEED
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mikeyk 5y ago
View from inside
  • You make me want to move to canada

  • Even though this is in San Francisco lol

  • 👍

  • Ps: if a hash tag used in a profiles description was clickable, it would be sweet. Many thanks for all you guys do, cheers.

  • Tell me you had the seafood chowder. Otherwise, it was a wasted trip, and you need to go back.

  • Nice maids

  • mikeyk 5y ago

    @drgonzo65 that was our final dish--it was indeed awesome!

  • Does this imply that the ingredients of the seafood chowder include merwoman?

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mikeyk 2w ago
It’s crazy how fast time Instagram is turning 7. Here are a few pictures of me and @kevin in the early days of just trying to keep the site up and running. I couldn't have imagined the impact this community would have on my life. Thank you all for being part of the adventure and helping us to learn and explore through your experiences.
mikeyk 3w ago
We’re celebrating a few milestones today: 800 million use Instagram every month, and 500 million every day. And another milestone I’m also excited about: 2 million businesses advertise on Instagram every month.

I’m excited about that last stat because it means a huge number of businesses—ranging from large to small—are reaching new customers and building relationships using Instagram. The one featured in this photo is Nama (@lojanama), a 3-D printing store in my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, that makes accessories out of eco-friendly materials like sugarcane.
Joanna, who started Nama, says Instagram is “an easy way to share my art with a global audience and that's an amazing feeling, knowing these things you spend your time making end up in houses all over the world.”
mikeyk 1M ago
This past weekend was the 16th Worldwide Instameet (#WWIM16 💌), themed around #kindcomments. Instameets are one of my favorite IG traditions, since they bring together groups of people around a shared passion for self-expression and community. This photo by @charlesnayoan showcases the Instameet in Semarang, Indonesia.
mikeyk 1M ago
@junopup wishes you a happy National Dog Day!
mikeyk 2M ago
Instagram New York turned 2 this week! We've grown our NYC presence from a tiny landing team to a thriving office of over 150 people.
Our teams here work on the core parts of our iOS and Android apps, solve some of the most interesting Machine Learning problems, and build products like Save and Shopping. And it's not just engineering; we have outreach, community, design, product, research, analytics, and more.
I've been coming out every two months or so, and on this week's visit, we threw a birthday party for the office. Here are some of the faces of Instagram New York—and here's to the next phase of growing in NYC!
mikeyk 2M ago
Instagram Stories turns 1 year old today! I've loved getting to know many of you better through your Stories. In just a year, 250 million people use Stories every day, and we've added new ways to express yourself through Boomerang, drawing tools, stickers, hashtags and mentions, and face filters.

Thanks to @100soft for the cerebration animation...can you spot @junopup playing an astronaut?
mikeyk 2M ago
I love the story behind Donuts Damari (@donutsdamari). The founders, Carolina and Mariana, started their company a year ago, and deliver their custom donuts all throughout my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil. They don't need a physical store—Instagram is their storefront.
It‘s profiles like theirs that make up our 15 million businesses on Instagram—sharing their stories and the personalities behind the scenes. Thanks to Carolina and Mariana, and business owners around the world, for sharing your passions and inspiration with us.

PS: I had a couple of the donuts last time I was in SP and they were delicious 😁 photo credit @donutsdamari
mikeyk 3M ago
Had the honor of hosting reigning Formula 1 world champion @nicorosberg at Instagram yesterday. Nico's on a California tour of tech companies, including those working on autonomous vehicles and electric cars.

Nico told me he's inspired by the experimentation and iteration culture of Silicon Valley, where people are encouraged to try out ideas quickly and learn from failure. It's a bit different from the precision engineering that goes into an F1 car, with very little tolerance for things going wrong at over 300 km/h. But there are similarities too; he told me that @mercedesamgf1 has an all-hands debrief after each race, similar to our tradition of Friday Q&As, where our employees can ask me and @kevin anything that's on their minds. Thanks for stopping by Nico!
mikeyk 3M ago
Today we said goodbye to our friend and teammate Joy-Vincent, who passed away this week.
We're heartbroken here at Instagram—Joy-Vincent embodied the kindness, positivity, and generosity that we all strive to bring to work every day. Over the past few days, we've been sharing our JV stories, and every single one mentions his ever-present smile and his incredible heart.

JV was one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with. His impact can be seen everywhere: in the design and details of our new campus, in our logo, throughout our app, and through the designers he mentored.

Most recently, I worked with JV on IG's drawing brushes. He made beautiful illustrations and designs, and then inspired me to build the best possible version of what we were trying to do. He had that effect on anyone he worked with—he made us all want to do better.

We'll miss you so much, JV. We'll do our best to carry on your work and your spirit.

Thanks to @miekd for the photo.
Posted: Jun 23, 2017 10:11 AM
124 Normal
mikeyk 3M ago
Some #bikeportrait pics from the past week cycling through Tuscany with @backroadstravel. We had everything from vineyard views to coastal climbs...and wine. But usually *after* we were done biking for the day 😁 #mybackroadstrip
mikeyk 4M ago
Visiting Venice for the Biennale, a huge art exhibition that spans the whole city every two years. Here @kaitlyn is walking by a mirror and sculpture piece by Alicja Kwade, one of our favorite artists. #alicjakwade
mikeyk 4M ago
Last day on our IG London visit! I had the honor to share the stage with three super impressive social movement creators. @serenaguen co-created #cookforsyria, inspiring restaurants and everyday people to find ways of incorporating positive change benefiting the Syrian crisis in their lives. Jaz O'Hara, through her @theworldwidetribe account, documents the daily lives of refugees in the UK and provides the stories and humanity beyond the statistics and news. And last but not least, Alex Holmes through @antibullyingpro encourages young people to stand up to bullying. Thanks to all three for participating in our panel about how Instagram can be used to create awareness and spur positive change.
mikeyk 4M ago
Today we hosted an artist event with @creativedebuts - an incredible organisation that works with emerging artists to nurture their careers and shine a light on their work. They also run #freeartfriday, hiding art pieces across all of London for people to discover. Here I'm making my own contribution...a software engineer's attempt to draw our logo 😅. #emergingartiststories
mikeyk 4M ago
Here in Milan and throughout Europe, we're launching #GenInstaTakeover, a campaign to match up talented young folks on Instagram with publications, brands and others for account takeovers. I've been inspired by the talent and creativity of the photographers, musicians, athletes and more who've taken part. Looking forward to seeing their collaborations! Check out some of their accounts: @photographyanais @micoldelloro @davfastfoot
mikeyk 4M ago
Starting our Madrid visit at @realmadrid, who are competing next weekend for a record 12th Champions League trophy. The team and their players use Instagram to show life behind the scenes, from a locker room Live to Boomerangs from training. PS: I'm ready to go in on Saturday if they need me 😄

Empezando nuestra visita a Madrid con @realmadrid, que compiten el próximo fin de semana por un 12o trofeo de la Champions League. El equipo y sus jugadores utilizan Instagram para mostrar la vida detrás de las escenas, En Vivo en los vestuarios o con los Boomerangs en el treino. PS: Estoy listo para entrar nel sábado si me necesitan 😄
mikeyk 4M ago
Um grande prazer conhecer o @massafelipe19, que nos recebeu com muito carinho. Aqui estou mostrando os nossos novos filtros para o Stories 🏎😁. Fantastic to meet F1 driver @massafelipe19, who took a quick break from his Grand Prix prep to chat with us. Here I'm showing him our new face filters 🏎😁
mikeyk 5M ago
Learning about Marin wildlife! Here's a newt held by @kaitlyn.
mikeyk 5M ago
We're excited to introduce face filters on Instagram today! They're rolling out soon and you can find them in the Stories and Direct camera; just tap the face icon in the bottom right. These glasses are my favorite (though you might see me as a koala too 😁). Protip: face filters work really well with Boomerang too.
We're also introducing an eraser brush (fun if you tap and hold to fill first, then erase), hashtags in Stories, and reverse. Can't wait to see what everyone creates with these new additions!
mikeyk 5M ago
Very lucky to take this beautiful date to the #metgala!Never seen so many incredible outfits in one room.
mikeyk 6M ago
Fechando minha visita ao Brasil com uma escala curta mas bem-aproveitada no Rio. Foi muito bom voltar ao Brasil e ver como o Instagram tem crescido no último ano. Até a próxima!

Closing out my Brazil trip with a short but well-spent stop in Rio. Loved being back in Brazil and seeing how Instagram has grown in the last year. See you next time Brazil!