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  Posted: Sep 14, 2012 5:22 AM FEED
2 Inkwell
Happy to be in the company of the talented @itzkirb and @benlalisan at the #TongaRoom

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Right hand drive and a column mounted shifter made piloting the Aurelia a bit tricky at first (especially with reverse gear and your left knee sharing the same space). Quirky is what I'll call it.
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The Grand Sport was most at home on the track. We made a day trip up to Thunderhill, where temps spiked to 105F. The GS shrugged off the heat, and was able to chase down a GT3 RS. Video:

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Corvette Grand Sport for Corvette Magazine - Z07 Ultimate Performance Package, 7-speed manual, Competition bucket seats, Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires...this car was rearing to get out of San Francisco and onto the racetrack.
Transmission tunnel and pedalbox of the 1934 MG TA Tourer are out in plain view. You can even glimpse the interior through the front bonnet.
#mgta #tatourer #1934mg #britishcars