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scoochyj 265w ago
Wear testing the new Rick Howard. #bestskateshoe if I may say so myself... #solosesh @crailtap

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HBD @mickeyreyes @catspawsaloon You lead us! The word legend is used too easy in skateboarding. Your sir, are my legend.
/// Terrex /// For a second there I thought I ruined these. ☠️
Juno only rolls with the best company @joeypepp 🦀🦀🦀
Inspiration to us all and still going strong. Creator of all creators. Thanks Mark. #adidasoriginal #adidasskateboarding #fieldcreator
🙏 Thank you Prodigy 🙏 . Remember this night like it was yesterday. The day of rumors were buzzing Mobb Deep was gonna perform at Max Fish during its closing days. We rushed over in hopes there was still room to get in. The sound system kind of sucked but didn't matter cause the whole bar knew ever word!
Good morning Vietnam!
This view from the hotel room never gets old. Reminds how blessed I am for the adventure of life.
Thanks @bobshirt for this one. It was a pleasure chatting with you.