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ajavybz 265w ago

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Good Morning and sorry, dear neighbors, but it's «Myзыкальный листопад '17» today at @enthusiastmoscow @enthusiastrecords
Join us 🎶🍂🎶🍂🎶
Live broadcast worldwide via @thelotradio with some help by #javybz . 📡🌎
13:00 -14:00 @grishanelyubin
14:00 - 15:00 @timuromar
15:00-16:00 @lay_far
16:00 - 17:00 @ajavybz
17:00-18:00 @slow_glow
18:00-19:00 @olegbuyanov
19:00 -20:00 Sputnik
20:00- 21:00 @lipelis
21:00 - 22:00 @krlow
Join us here this upcoming Sunday - «Музыкальный листопад '17»🍂🎶🍂🎶🍂 Record fair and music all day with local record dealers, vinyl stores and DJs. Presented by @enthusiastrecords and @enthusiastmoscow , it takes place from 1pm-11pm at @enthusiastmoscow . Live broadcast worldwide via @thelotradio with some help by #javybz . 📡🌎
Art work by @d.pantyushin
long time no sea urgent escape is needed asap
Замышляем с @d.pantyushin
Музыкальный Листопад 🍂🎶🍂🎶🍂🎶🍂🎶
@footworkhousejam сегодня на последней дворовой вечеринке @stayhungryteam и это очень классно, но ключевое слово тут "последняя". Всё "последнее" разбивает сердце, а судя по таймингу, именно Footwork сегодня поставит точку в истории #stayhungrybackyard. Обещаем проводить весело✊🏻💔
love & huge respect to @annabichevskaya & @aliona_ermakova
That's Us and tonight we gonna dance all night cause @hunchmusic is in Town.
Expect 🌈and a few ✨ 📸@Lipelis
Back from our trip to Georgia, we are very happy to have a new friend on the show tonight. His name is @zurkin . Together with friends, he runs the first (post Soviet era) vinyl only independent shop in Tbilisi, called @vodkast.records . But it's more than that - it is an inspiring cultural and community building space. Also, a true labour of love for some of those involved. They organize events, host podcasts, and started the label back in 2015. You can read more on their Facebook page, and also hear some music here:
Zurkin recorded a mix for us, where he plays "a couple of Georgian records, recently discovered jams, and some classics". Tune in here: from 10pm-midnight London • midnight-2am Moscow • 1-3am Tbilisi • 7-9pm New York @nts_radio
Thanks @hunchmusic for the connection xx and @justbenice for the artwork xx
#ntsradio #javybz #allstylesallsmiles #vodkastrecords
Someday we will open a bar by the sea, play records and cook. We even know how we will call it. Records and pans are purchased. Then all we need is a house by the sea 🙆🏼🌊