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  Posted: Sep 14, 2012 3:33 AM FEED
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What a lovely wedding for two lovely people. Thank you @jennywuwu and @mrmak for including us on your special day, it was beautiful! #whenandrewgotwued
We had the best time yesterday celebrating the union of two incredibly kind hearted, generous and truly special people. Thanks for including us on your amazing day. Love you guys. #natandlousayido
Turns out we only take silly or serious photos... Today marks 9 years that we’ve been together and I couldn’t be happier. @amadeus I couldn’t imagine a more supportive partner - you’ve been there through every single damn up and down I’ve had and you’ve taken in with stride. Your constant patience, support, love and endless encouragement is what has gotten me through this past year. Not only are you an advocate for me but you’re an amazing supporter for all women! You are a stand up guy who is beyond smart, with loads of compassion and I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being you and thank you for sticking by me when I couldn’t even stick by my self at times.
Today was a heavy day full of so much sadness. I woke up to hear about the senseless tragedy of so many lives taken by a seriously troubled man in Vegas. Music heals, concerts are where I go to check out from the world, to live in that moment and just have fun. To think that people are continuing to seek out our safe spaces to inflict harm and death is just horrifying. We really need stricter gun laws, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to own an automatic rifle for personal use. None. Please, text ACT to Everytown at 64433 to learn about how you can make a difference in your community by learning about ways we can prevent gun violence. It’s a non profit that advocates for gun control. Let’s not wait for the next largest mass shooting in US history to start doing something.
On another sad note - I’m super bummed to hear about Tom Petty. Even though the initial reports were false that he is dead, it sounds like his passing will be soon... I’m so happy that I changed my flight so I could make his rescheduled concert at the Greek 3 weeks ago. He was nothing short of amazing. I’ll remember and cherish that show forever.
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 5:24 AM
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#tbt "into to the great wide open, under them skies of blue." Making our way make to So Cal from Arizona last Thursday. #nofilter
88 degrees during the day and a cool 66 degrees with a side of thunder and lightening by the evening.
We stayed the night at the Grand Canyon, got up at 5am, made some coffee and got a sweet spot for sunrise. It was a quick trip but in a matter of two days we saw so, so much beauty. It was a great road trip 10/10 would do it again. ;) #natsjourneyoflove #grandcanyon #arizona #sunrise
We made it just in time for the sunset at the Grand Canyon this past Wednesday. It was absolutely gorgeous. I've seen many photos and while I can appreciate the beauty, no photo does it justice. Being there and witnessing it was something very special. #natsjourneyoflove #grandcanyon #arizona #lifeisgoodarizona #nofilter
I'm so excited for your new adventure @mssarahd and @keenanwrice - With the kindness, love and patience you exude as friends, it's easy to see that you're going to be the best parents ever. Xavier is one lucky little dude.
As we turned the bend and the red rocks of Sedona appeared, we literally screamed with delight. So much staggering beauty no matter which direction you looked. #natsjourneyoflove #sedona #arizona #redrocks #lifeisgoodarizona
From Palm Springs we drove a little bit into Joshua Tree (not far enough to see an actual Joshua Tree but oh well, next time) and then onto Scottsdale where we stayed with my Dad and Stepmom. I got to see my brother, sister in law and nephew, I loved every minute of it. This was my first time to Arizona and it is gorgeous! #natsjourneyoflove #nofilter #joshuatree #arizona
The second leg of #natsjourneyoflove got off to a great start and set the stage for the next two days. We got into the the closed Mirage House exhibit with a few pleas thanks to the kind security guard. It's a pretty fantastic installation.
#natsjourneyoflove bachelorette road trip in a nutshell. 6 ladies got together to celebrate Natalie as she nears her wedding day! LWe had the absolute best time, thank you @nat.tat.tat for bringing us together! Long Beach > Santa Barbara > San Luis Obispo > Ojai. #natandlousayido2017 #vwsurfari
Day one was great, great fun, off to the next stop!
Better late than never. Day 3 of #outsidelands2017 #ol10 was hearing the tail end of the Bleachers on my walk in, Young the Giant, Action Bronson, Lorde, School Boy Q and The Who. I might be getting too old for festivals...
Day 2 of #outsidelands2017 #ol10 was Temples, Warpaint, Thundercat, Cage the Elephant and Metallica. 🤘
#ol2017 #outsidelands2017 Day 1 was Dr. Octagon (with Dj Qbert and Dan the Automator) Henry Rollins, Shovel and Rope, Fleet Foxes, Little Dragon and The Gorillas.