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I love my new glasses from #JINS. Getting new lenses today because the prescription numbers are visible on the lenses and effects my field of vision.
When you're walking to work having conversations with yourself, reflecting on all the things life throws your way... A giggle from the universe. A reminder, I could never know it all, and I know all I need to know in this moment. #knowitall #universegiggle
Buck in the back yard. .
If Deer is your Animal Totem;

You have the knowledge of how to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of the wounded beings in your life. You have a propensity to see new innocence and freshness in life everywhere and you constantly feel the lure of new adventures. Often you have a link to the arts, especially poetry and music.

You are also a keen observer, able to see well in low light. You are also a very compassionate, gentle and loving person.

#nature #spirittotem
I trust in divine timing. The Universe always has my back. #Juneselfie #latergram
When your boss sends you to the French Pastry shop and you excitedly look but don't eat every chocolate. #ketodiet #nocarbs #antiinflammatory #oakland
Will honk for food! Had a warm and yummy time helping the scouts & connecting with community. #lucidity #lucidityfestival #ilovemylife #onelove #hugsacrossamerica #whythenose #unicornscouts