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Omg, I’ve been so excited to share this photo! When I was originally approached to shoot the World Solar Challenge I was reluctant to commit as I wasn’t sure I could creatively shoot solar powered cars and whether the aesthetic would work on my feed. From that initial conversation the client basically gave me full creative control and told me I didn’t even have to shoot the cars, I could shoot anything I wanted on the route and just create awareness of the event and how cool it is. BEST. JOB. EVER. From there I actually did find a composition that I love that I think combines the alien landscape of the Devil’s Marbles with the alien look of the solar powered vehicles for a cool shot. I hope you like it too. 😍❤️🚗☀️🌞 @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Good morning! After our adventures in Katherine and Mataranka the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge continued south through Tennant Creek and down towards Karlu Karlu, the Devil’s Marbles. I had been looking forward to this section of road as I knew I could get an awesome composition of the alien looking landscape with an alien looking vehicle. But before that I had both a sunset and a sunrise in the National Park, a place I could literally shoot at for days. Does anyone remember my stories from my last visit here? (Jewels and I shooting stars in our undies 💁🏼😂) @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
What lies beneath? These are the Mataranka Thermal Springs and I was so excited to see Mataranka on the route of the World Solar Challenge for this reason. Last time I was in the area I didn’t have an underwater housing and this time I did! The Mataranka Springs and Bitter Springs are about 10km apart and quite different. You can see in this shot that there is some infrastructure built around the Mataranka Springs with sides constructed and plenty of stairs into the water. This was day one of the Challenge. The solar cars left Darwin at 8:00 AM and most would have passed Mataranka without time to stop as they drive until 5PM every day. We shot straight down to Mataranka so I could shoot at midday when the light is above and you can see the clarity of the water. 💙💙💙 @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
It’s hard to believe that I’ve just crossed the entire country with a bunch of solar powered cars, what an absolute trip! I will never forget my first World Solar Challenge, hopefully it’s not my last. I’ve got so many photos to share of my massive Aussie adventure but first I wanted to throw back to where it first started, with this sunset in Darwin. As you can imagine the sun is a pretty important element to a solar powered vehicle and, despite some wet weather in the middle of the race, we started and finished with beautiful sun. 🌞☀️💛 @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Good morning! A lot of you probably already know this but whenever I travel my travel companion inevitably becomes my model. I have a long running tradition of this and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is no exception. Diving into the crystal clear waters of Bitter Springs is driver Nick, one of an army of volunteers that make the trek from Darwin to Adelaide with the Challenge. Nick was originally to be an observer in the race, joining different teams for stints to watch and observe their practice. We both agree that he got a much better deal when he was lumped with me. 😂😂 Bitter Springs can be found in Mataranka, 3 km off the route and about 5 hours south of Darwin. @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
The stunning Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge! Although the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge passes through Katherine it actually doesn’t go past the gorge, which is about 30km down the road. Since the cars are on the road from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM I had ample time to backtrack after that to catch a sunset from my favorite lookout, Baruwei. At the moment the fruit bats are in town and it’s a spectacular site to watch them swooping down for a drink on dusk, in their tens of thousands! (If you’re lucky you might even catch the crocs waiting with their mouths open.🐊🦇) Since the teams that are competing in the race don’t have much time to see the sites I’m hoping my photos will find them. 📷🌞🚗 @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Good morning from Alice Springs where it is inexplicably RAINING! For a Solar Power Challenge! 😂😂😩☔️💦💧💨 Apparently the batteries can still draw power from the sun when it’s overcast and other important science things so I’m really curious to see how today goes. From today onwards I’ll be following the cars more closely as they compete from 8:00 - 5:00 then set up camp for the day. If there’s anything you would love to see on my story from the behind the scenes I’d be happy to try and capture it. Today we travel from Alice Springs to Marla. Here’s a shot of one of the Challenger vehicles on a sunny day. 😩🙊🌞🌞🌞🚗 @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Good morning from somewhere in the middle of the Northern Territory as I continue to make my way south alongside the incredible solar powered cars competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. There are so many photographers working this event; Getty photographers, media crew, team photographers, social media photographers and me! My job is really different to everyone else though, I’m shooting the destination more so than the race and showcasing tourism along the route. They’ll be pics and videos of the cars on my Insta-story if you’re interested because they are SO COOL! Every time we come by one I’m giggling like a crazy person. The Challenger cars are the craziest because they are built solely to compete the fastest. The design of the vehicle and conditions for the driver are insane. Oh, and this is a pic of some of the skies we’ve been getting. 🚗🌞❤️ @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
New adventure time! This week I am doing something completely different and random, the World Solar Challenge! 😳 I’ve been surprised that hardly anyone in Australia seems to have heard of it but it’s been running for 30 years. Basically it’s a challenge to drive 3,000 kilometers through the centre of Australia (Darwin - Adelaide) using solar powered cars. Teams from around the world submit vehicles in three categories (Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure) and make the journey powered by the energy of the sun! Don’t worry though, I’m not about to flood your feed with shots of UFO looking cars, I’m along for the ride to capture the destination and the journey and to create awareness of this really cool event. (Although I hope I can get some cool shots of the cars too) I’ve got the website for the event in my bio if anyone is interested in reading more about it. The technology used in these vehicles is technology that will be adapted into consumer vehicles in the future, I think that’s really cool. @World_Solar_Challenge #BWSC17 #Sp
Omg! You guys, they’re glowworms! So, apart from Hobbiton, the other major tourist attraction in this region is the amazing network of caves in Waikato and the slew of cave-related activities. Before I went I only knew that I wanted to see glow worms but now I need to go back and do the tubing experience, canyoning and all the other things! The cave that I visited was Ruakuri cave and I went in with the ‘Legendary Black Water Rafting Co’ and legendary guide Logan. Although Ruakuri is not known as ‘the’ glow worm cave there were loads and loads of them as well as very cool chambers and cave stuff. Glow worms are definitely in the category of subjects that I think look amazing to your eyes but are difficult to translate to an image so basically imagine this but a hundred times cooler. Lol. I’ll tag the operator into the shot if you want to check them out. @hamiltonwaikato #HamiltonWaikato
Good morning! Omg, I’ve just been to Hobbiton! Where do I even start? I’ve been in New Zealand in the Hamilton/ Waikato region with Dreamboat on a short holiday and the two places I really wanted to visit were 1) Hobbiton and 2) Glow worm caves. (Although I found loads of other cool stuff too) I shot this image on the evening banquet tour and learned so much about this film set that was used for both Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. For example, nearly 50% of people that visit Hobbiton don’t know what it is with some believing it to be a traditional New Zealand village. 😂😂 I’m such a LOTR geek that I also got myself a ‘One Ring’ ring and when I posted it on my story everyone thought I was engaged. 🙊💍😂 Anyway, thank you @hamiltonwaikato for tee’ing this up and for being so darn pretty. 🙌🏻😍❤️ #HamiltonWaikato
Alright, this is my last reminder to enter a competition to be Australia’s ‘next top instagrammer’! For those that haven’t heard I’m working with Choice Hotels to uncover talent in the Australian Instagram community and specifically people who wish to have a job like mine, traveling and working using Instagram. We’re looking for rising stars, epic creatives and passionate travelers with a shared love of social media. Finalists will each win an online mentoring session with me on creating branded content and a weekend getaway at a Choice Hotels property. The grand winner will be judged from there and will win a weekend away working with me in person. If you entered last year you’re eligible to enter again too! The link to enter is in my profile or check out 👉🏻 @Choice_Hotels_Au #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 #Sp
Good morning! I can't believe we're already half way in to the Choice Hotels Instagram competition, who hasn't entered yet? Basically this competition is for you if you love to travel, take pictures and Instagram and if you have any aspirations to do this professionally like I do. If you become a finalist you'll have the chance to work at a Choice property in your own backyard in destinations like Hobart (pictured), Cairns, Townsville and Wollongong. It's super easy to enter, just follow the link in my bio. I'll try and put more info up in my story over the weekend. 😍😍 @Choice_Hotels_Au #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 #Sp
Good morning! It is still morning isn't it? I had a massive sleep in today. For those that haven't seen on my story or elsewhere I've been in Sydney running a new conference, teaching industry how to work with influencers, bloggers and traditional content marketing. It's been crazy full on; scary, emotional, stressful and overwhelming but also successful and a relief. Haha. I want to use this post to give a MASSIVE shout out to the Intercontinental Sydney for the incredible work they did to support our event. The room, the food, the service and all the little extras made our event look super pro. We also stayed at the property and had access to the Club Lounge, from where I took this photo of the Harbour. If you're looking to put on an event or to stay in Sydney check them out! @IntercontinentalSydney #IntercontinentalSydney
Good morning everyone! Phew, what a week last week was! I'm happy to say that I'm now on a mini retreat and about to get all caught up on work. This is my last shot from my visit to the Northern Rivers and Tweed in New South Wales and I was so happy to have the experiences I had so close to my own home. This here is a famous Fingal splash back, my favorite type of wave to photograph. I hope everyone has an awesome week planned. Xxx @VisitNSW #NewSouthWales #Sp
We're one week in to the Choice Hotels competition to find Australia's 'Next Top Instagrammer' and we have so many amazing entries already! For those that don't know what it is, we are genuinely giving a kick start to someone's career to work in the travel industry. From the entrants there will be 20 finalists that win a weekend away 'working' at a Choice Hotel property in Australia and they'll all receive an online (live) workshop with me on creating branded content. The grand winner is judged from the twenty finalists and will win a weekend mentoring Instagram trip with me. To enter follow @Choice_Hotels_Au and click the link on my profile to write why you want to win in 25 words or less. As I'm a judge I'll tell you that I love originality and flattery. 😂😂😂 #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 #Sp
Okay, so I'm posting another basalt shot. Those that know me know that I love basalt and it's become such a running joke now, but truly I love the way that I feel when I'm in volcanic regions. Is that weird? There's a strange energy and power in the air. Anyway Matt very cautiously crossed the causeway at Fingal for me on the low tide for this shot and I'm grateful because it was a gorgeous sunrise. If you ever want to attempt this just be really careful, do it on low tides with small swell and watch out for rogue waves. Xx @VisitNSW #NewSouthWales #Sp
Have you ever woken up at 3:20AM to photograph a sunrise? Well I have and it did not end up how we all hoped. Lol. By now you probably know that Jewels and I aren't the most organized of photographers but when we have Matt Donovan on our trips everything goes according to plan, hence the very early wake up. We were to photograph sunrise from the Pinnacles, a staggering perspective over the Tweed Valley and Mount Wollumbin. 😍 However, after driving for one hour, we realized the road to get out was temporarily closed and we couldn't proceed with our well researched and perfect plan! 😏 Luckily Jewels and I were able to school Matt and Mads in OUR style of shooting. It involved this: driving frantically to a new perspective, sitting in the car playing on our phones because it was too early, getting too absorbed in our phones and nearly missing dawn light, deciding half way through sunrise to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, literally stopping and shooting in half a dozen places along the side of the road and nearly giving ourselves heart attacks. And THAT is the way to snap some bangers for Instagram! 😂😂😂 @VisitNSW #NewSouthWales #Sp
Good morning! Does this shot look tranquil and delightful to you? Well I can tell you there was some classic 'JewLau' chaos going on behind the scenes with Jewels instructed to run down to Dreamtime Beach while I shot her from the cliffs. Due to the distance between us Jewels basically just danced around for 20 mins and I shot 200 frames. 💃🏼📷😂 Dreamtime beach is just down from Fingal, making the whole area just so gorgeous and so special. @VisitNSW #NewSouthWales #Sp