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Same day. Same spot. Same time. Left vs right views. It rained hard maybe for 10 mins.
Picked this up last week for my birthday and all I want to do is finish this novel instead of work. Is that too much to ask?
@kobobooks #humpday #soclosetofinishing #littlefireseverywhere #readingagain #sendmeyourreadinglist
My first boy friend. #friendsforlife #20years #foreverneighbours #Repost @marlon_romero_1983
Another life long friend blessed to have friends like this @anneborja
Hawaiian theme at daycare today. Of course this kid had to be extra with his outfit.
In honour of #worldbreastfeedingweek, here's a throwback of me from last year when my boobs were producing so much milk that I needed to pump while I nursed. This right here was the highlight of my breastfeeding saga.

Even though this bond with Logan was short lived; I have never felt so more alive as a woman and extremely proud as mother that I was able to do this despite the tears, stress and agony to get to that point.
Thanks husband for capturing such a raw moment even though I wanted to cry from my very painful engorged boobs and badly sore nipples 😫
Throwing it back to 10 years of our various (mostly bad) hairstyles, terrible brow phases and weight gains 😞
#tbt 💏