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  Posted: Sep 13, 2012 7:57 PM FEED
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A brass band welcomes Joe Biden to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. #Obama2012
  • @zbb321 Laughing! I live it when you talk. We all laugh. Please continue. You make our case stronger.

  • @rachaelrambyyy Laughing.. Please keep talking. You strengthen our case. You didn't even attempt to refute anything I said. And if you want blame someone for the middle easy mess... Blame the neocon idiot Fox-watching morons who made the movie for the SOLE purpose of inciting the violence. So please talk more.. We love it.

  • Is this da real Barack Obama

  • @schrackt you're too ignorant to realize that there is a war on terror! We're just allowing the jihadists to terrorize American soil. We're not doing anything about i!

  • ritaok 5y ago

    We love you Joe

  • @schrackt there have been many ridicules made over Christians Jews etc. except we dont storm down embassies and terrorize a country's soil because of it. Obama acts as if it's no big's a big deal because it was a terrorist attack on American soil! Obama's only initiative was to send a mere 50 troops to try to solve the problem! What a joke!

  • @zbb321 4 individuals snuck into the embassy during a protest and began killing. And no, Christians can be just as violent, and frequently are, as Muslims. Our diplomats have been pulled from several other threat zones, Egypt has been deemed "no longer an ally," and all necessary measures have been taken.

  • You're black AHAHHAHA

  • @alexw280 the liberal government may be saying these things, but no REAL actions have been taken...quite frankly it's absurd

  • @zbb321 so, you know nothing's happened because you're in the Sudan embassy? If they didn't do anything, you'd get mad. When something is done, you deny it happens. Basically you'll believe whatever you want to believe to not elect a person.

  • @alexw280 if something was done I would not deny that it happens, and nothing has been done besides make a lame comment and send 50 troops! What he needs to do (Obama) is re-declare the war on terror. We are extremely vulnerable right now!

  • @zbb321 you seem to think terror is some country... The US, and most of the world is in a constant war on terror. And yes, you just denied anything happened when I said he's already pulled all diplomats from risky areas. How are we any more vulnerable now than 10, 20, or 30 years ago?

  • @alexw280 the point is is that we shouldnt be having to pull diplomats from our embassies! We should be driving them away! Instead we run and hide, and we all see where that's gotten us! Nowhere!

  • @zbb321 so what do you propose we do? Start drone striking countries that mean us no harm because independent extremists attacked us? Anders Breivik was a christian who massacred many Norwegians, should Norway just begin bombing churches so they don't appear weak??

  • @alexw280 we re-declare the war on terror everywhere that is a threat to the US

  • @zbb321 can you read? "Terror" is not some country. There are no "armies of terror" to march on the US. We never declared the war on terror was over. It isn't. A statement "re-declaring" the war on terror would change nothing, do nothing, and be a waste of media time.

  • @alexw280 there are indeed army groups of're oblivious! Look at what's happening...something has to be done and that all starts with getting Obama out of the oval office

  • @zbb321 how does that make any logical sense? Switching administrations is in no way beneficial to any war efforts.

  • @zbb321 and please, tell me where all these troops lined up and organized fighting for the nation of "terror" are located? If I'm so oblivious...

  • @alexw280 the president is the head of the army...tell me how changing the head of the army doesn't do people make new decisions

  • @zbb321 yes, let's make the person who sees the troops as "dirty laundry" and "not important" the commander in chief, that sounds smart

  • @alexw280 Romney never said that big guy

  • @zbb321 then, out of curiosity, who was the man in the romney suit saying that?

  • @alexw280 just because he didn't mention them in his nomination speech doesn't mean he doesnt care!! Come on!

  • @zbb321 but then, when asked why he didn't mention them, he said that it was because you didn't talk about your "dirty laundry" and only talked about what was "important" yeah, I'd say he doesn't care

  • @alexw280 Romney has a commitment to a strong military unlike the president now who cuts the military!

  • @alexw280 then you missed the last 15 seconds of the video big guy

  • @zbb321 there is no reason for a military of our size. It is a waste of money. We aren't fighting any nations, we are fighting isolated groups who spend their time in the mountains. We don't need millions of troops, nukes, or anything like that. Cutting defense budget doesn't mean someone doesn't care about defense. It means they realize the government does not have unlimited cash and there are more important places to put our funds.

  • @alexw280 4 trillion in debt in his 1st term-- you call that putting money in important places?

  • @zbb321 if I hadn't seen the results of that money, then I would say it wasn't important. But I have. And I've seen our deficit begin to go down as his term has progressed. And I've seen the opposing plan for reducing debt - actually, no I haven't. It doesn't exist. Romney's plan cuts upper class taxes even further, to the point where it doesn't in any way reduce our debt

  • @alexw280 youre has not gone down at all!! You are out of you're mind...romneys plan is the only one that can possibly create jobs!

  • @zbb321 then why did Bush's plan crash the economy? They're exactly the same. I for one prefer to learn from the mistakes made in the past

  • @alexw280 at least bush had a CAPITALIST plan

  • @zbb321 as does Obama. His just happens to be working unlike Bush's

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  • EW. Why would they do that in my home state? Gross. Like is Biden even legal here?

  • Reminds me of donkey kong 64 #lankeykong

  • Love you ,

  • I play Trombone too! @barackobama

  • @stayfadedkidzzz thanks but I'm pretty sure you're more stupid ya druggie Obama lover freak

  • Weed is drugs and its nasty. I can type however I want so shut up. I don't need you to correct me, and if I wanted to, I would.

  • @saveusa Just a side note, he doesn't just buy followers, he is also a criminal of war and he has been sending drones to kill innocent Americans

  • @ermagerd_skerples true! Buying followers is just a small fraction of the damage he has caused.

  • @saveusa I know, right!

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  • Obama can u come to my school @barackobama

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  • "Barack Obama" is NOT black he is (Half Caste). He is the first Biracial president of America. He was 50% CREATED and PRODUCED by a "WHITE" person. He literally came out of the body and out of the egg, womb and embryo of a "WHITE" woman physically attached to her test tube / umbilical cord. He is (Mixed Race) mulatto.

  • The people need you

  • I live in WI and met you😜

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  • Here in brazil ended the brass band, be president here

  • First comment in 11 weeks

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