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  • I can't tell if that a Marquis or a Town Car, but it brought brings back memories if my mom's Marquis. I remember vividly driving into town with no A/C, in the dead heat of Summer, waiting at the draw bridge in a line of traffic, and listening to my mom's tapes on the cassette player. My sweaty shirt would stick to the back of the vinyl seat, it was so hot. When the bridge finally went down, and traffic would start to move, I'd stick my head out the window to feel the breeze blow back the strands of sweaty hair pressed to my forehead.

  • Oh, my grammar...

  • natgov305 265w ago

    There's a lot of old cars in Loveland

  • I'm pretty sure that's a Marquis. I love memories like that.

  • aivenn 265w ago


  • laserda 265w ago

    I like your pic of cars))

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