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$10 a month membership, less than Netflix. With this I can go see a first run film every day in a theater. Food not included. I don’t see how they make money this way but I like it! Blade Runner this week then I may go see that crap fest “Geostorm” just because I can. Thanks #MoviePass!
You know all those sundown pics I’ve been posting lately? This is that sky now. So hazy it hurts to look at it. #napafire #sonomafire
Pleasure finally meeting @marcvibbert, Kelly, Patrick @vactor & Miss Candy. All wonderful people who picked a great weekend to visit. They even experienced real California wildfire smoke. We spared no expense.
One of those rare freaky moments in time when the clock is in perfect time with the music I’m listening to. #Lifesync #happyaccident #happenstance #coolyetfreaky #time #sync #bpm
Bear has survived for two weeks now. I think she loves him...
September 21st 2008: “The first time, ever I saw your face...”
This puppy was had so much energy she actually came with a warning. They needed someone willing to put daily effort into making sure she got enough play and exercise to release this energy. When they brought her out, the girl who worked at the shelter said “stand back, I’m going to put her down now” and she took off like a wind up toy. Four days later I went back and picked up the hyper puppy. Oh boy...