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  Posted: Sep 13, 2012 1:16 AM FEED
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3 yrs later and we're still working on stay, walkaway...come! She knows it, she just chooses when to do it... Good job #cypressthepup
Nothing to see here, just goat sitting on my lunch break 🙏
Meet Rhianna, my blurry new bestie ♥ She tries to eat my shoes, but I'm fine with it.
Never thought I'd be wraglin goats while J helps to deliver a rooster to a neighbor on a Friday night 🐓🐐🐐 #wildtimes
It's very difficult to get work done when you find out your neighbor is fostering a pair of adorable toddler goats 🐐♥ #remotework
Yup, that's our driveway. Yup, that's a big black bear. Never leaving the house again...
The scenery on our daily walks has definitely improved since we move out here ♥ #cypressthepup
This smarty pants stood stealthy still as I walked by with my dumbdumb dog who thankfully didn't notice her, even when I stopped to snap this pic.