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Dinner prep. Eggs & veggies!

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Just another crazy Tuesday on the farm 😂 Luke is taking a personal day off from work to dig out our water pipes that run from the house to the road in search of a leak that cost us about $350 this month. He's been digging morning & night since Sunday. 😳 Of course he won't hire anyone because he's the most hardworking, determined (maybe a little stubborn?! 😉) person I know.
I always said I'd marry a man who knew how to fix stuff. Y'all, I got the man of my dreams. 😍
I started the #dressinhappinessdaily project at the beginning of 2014 in an effort to discover my style even at my heaviest because I believe we owe it to ourselves to love that reflection in the mirror no matter the size. 💕 Over the years I've cultivated my unique personal style & have found so much joy in expressing myself through clothing, jewelry, purses & shoes. I always try to be intentional with my spending - keeping within our family budget, purchasing secondhand when possible & supporting work with meaning. My dear friend, Brandy of @bellavitajewelry, recently launched her newest collection of gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry & I am over the moon in love with this necklace, the Crescent IV necklace.✨ I love that I am able to support my friend & pair this necklace with the pretty velvet jacket I snatched from my mama's closet! 😉😂
How will you dress in happiness today? Tag me in your photos, friends! I'd love to see you shine!
Use code: NC2017 to enjoy ✨20% off your entire purchase✨ at @bellavitajewelry's online shop. Expires 10/31/17... enjoy, friends!
Pumpkin candle lit, folk music on & pumpkin spice muffins with extra chocolate chips baked & wrapped for friends 🍂🎃💛 Fall, you are magical & cozy & oh so wonderful!
Going on Day 7 of #dirtyhairdontcare 👌🏻All the praise hands for sulfate-free shampoo, baby powder & naturally dry hair.
In other more important news, I'm planning tomorrow's date night & Luke Freeman has no idea what he's getting himself into. It's ALL THINGS FALL. 🍂🌾🎃🍁💛
Full disclosure - As a shop owner (who works a bajillion hours November - New Years) in desperate need of a little holiday cheer, I WILL be decking the halls come November 1st. Too soon? Look at my face. 😐😐😐
Until then, I'm covering every square inch of our porch with PUMPKINS! 🎃🤗💛 #thatpumpkinlife
Blue skies & sunshine, just chilly enough for a sweater & scarf...The perfect afternoon for a visit to our favorite pumpkin patch!✨ We each chose a small white pumpkin & rode the spoooooky hayride together! 👻🎃💛#fallbucketlist #FunWithOlliePop #pumpkinpatch
Celebrating chilly Octobers & seasonal eating with warm pumpkin spiced oatmeal every morning✨ Such a cozy, comforting way to start the day! 💛
I recently tried @bolthousefarms' new Plant Protein Milk & I love it! It's creamy & delicious, high in protein (10g per serving!) & contains zero nuts, soy or gluten. I use it in my morning oatmeal & afternoon smoothies. Let me know if you try it or make my favorite oatmeal - recipe below!
Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal - serves 1:
1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
1 cup @bolthousefarms Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 teaspoon pumpin pie spice
Dash of salt & drizzle of maple syrup
In a medium saucepan, heat oats, milk & pumpkin over medium heat until it starts to bubble. Add spices & a dash of salt; mix to combine. Allow to simmer until oatmeal is thick & oats are soft. Spoon into a bowl & drizzle with maple syrup. Enjoy with a hot cup of coffee at the farmhouse table.
#sponsored #pumpkineverything
A dark & grey morning here on the farm. On my second cup of the day ☕️✨ Serious question: How many throw pillows is too many throw pillows? #askingforafriend

On an unrelated note: I am 👀for a brown leather backpack that's large enough to carry my planner, notebook & wallet, but doesn't look like a school backpack. Any suggestions?! I've been on the lookout forever. Haaalp! 💛
Still wearing my workout attire, have yet to brush my hair & drinking cold coffee while I rearrange our shop for the new week ahead. The #bosslady life is a glamorous one (😂), but at least we've got the prettiest local pumpkins outside! 🎃
Happy Monday on this beautiful Autumn day! 🌾🍂
Feeling 🍂ALL🌾 the Fall feels at the farmhouse! I scooped up a handful of vintage linens & throw pillows at @thejunkranch this weekend! Feeling oh so cozy while I enjoy coffee & breakfast at the table this morning 💛✨
#junkranchloot #freckledhenfarmhouse #autumn
I literally just plopped down on the couch to eat a container of pre-packaged yogurt before heading back out to finish work & then onto our Thursday night church group. This photo may look as though I have it all together with a sparkling clean house to prove it, but don't worry - I have no idea what we're having for dinner & I angled this shot so that you could not see the dust bunnies procreating beneath my coffee table. Just a little real life as I race out the door.
The point of the story: More truth talk, less comparison 👊🏻
"My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness." - Maya Angelou
Wearing my favorite cardigan, sipping hot coffee in a big mug, planning a movie night with my farmer because HE'S NEVER EVEN HEARD OF HOCUS POCUS. 🎃👻
#dateyourspouse #autumnleaves #dressinhappinessdaily
✨GIVEAWAY CLOSED✨ I have been working hard to make more space in our tiny utility closet. After purchasing this little shelf (from @amazon) for our entryway, I decided to buy another one for the wall just beyond our kitchen. It's proved so helpful in storing some of our most well-loved tools. My favorite part? The framed print from @little_truths_studio featuring the sweetest ABCS of the Good Life ❤Such wonderful reminders to "Gather," "Listen," "Unplug" and "Wonder" as we go throughout our day.
Lori of Little Truths Studio is giving away one of her prints to one lucky @nataliecreates friend! To enter, simply:
1. Follow @little_truths_studio & @nataliecreates. 2. Comment below sharing one exciting activity you have planned for October! 3. Tag (at least) three friends. 4. Repost this photo with #nataliecreatesgiveaways for an extra entry! I will pick a random winner this Wednesday, October 4th, & announce it here. Good luck!✨
P.S. Check my IG Story for a close-up of this beauty! 😍
Happy October! With a new month comes the need for a few ch-ch-changes!✨ This month I hope to eat only whole ingredients. For me, this looks like vegetables & fruit, whole grains, good meats, nut milks, cheese in moderation, beans, nuts & the occasional dark chocolate bar (#yolo!). I will continue to track with @weightwatchers (the lifestyle change that's allowed me to lose around 45 pounds- woo!), but I'm hoping this little switch will help me fight my sugar addiction & hormonal acne flair-ups. 👊🏻
Prep is key! Tonight I've prepped boiled eggs (for breakfast & lunch), garlicky sautéed kale, quinoa, roasted brussel sprouts & baked sweet potatoes. I'll keep y'all updated on my progress!
And if you're interested, join me at #wholefoodsoctober! My friend, @carleighmelton1, & I are doing this together - it's always a little easier in community, yes?! ❤
#mealprep #wholefood #nataliegetsfit
Is there anything better? 🏕☕️❤ Last campin' trip of the season with #TravelingSusieQ ... soaking up every little moment in my #happyplace