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  Posted: Sep 12, 2012 7:45 PM FEED
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I’d be proud to call myself a wonk someday. Until then...this podcast should come with a trigger warning.
Unreal. #Repost @shellcreekvineyards
Beautiful day after a brief sprinkle of rain.
Tea tasting on a sunny Thursday in Rogers Park. Three rounds of three teas each...a far cry from last night’s dizzying array of wine pairings!
Alinea. Was. Magic. I had dreams for weeks that the experience wouldn’t live up to what I wanted it to be, but they never came true. I’m so happy right now. What a way to spend our anniversary. (📸 @markewrobel)
Homemade potato and chorizo tacos (recipe from @cooksillustrated), with bonus queso fresco!
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 5:50 PM
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Nothing but love for @goodfoodjobs for these pithy #wordsofwisdom every week.
Growing out a #pixiecut is a tedious chore at times — but it’ll be less painful with my new vintage #libertyoflondon scarf! Found it at a shop during a fall wander through Wicker Park this afternoon with Mark.
#Repost @nodenialfoods
Thanks to everyone who came out to @athleta on Oak last night to talk about mindful eating during the holidays and yoga for digestion with @paigeworthy. We made delicious dessert parfaits by taking a small glass and layering almond or cashew yogurt, mixed berries, mini chocolate chips, our No Denial Cinnamon Nut Mix and a drizzle of honey. A treat indeed! Thanks @trainingwithtori for putting this great event together and @krispi311 for adding some great dietician advice.
#forthehealthnutwithasweettooth #grainfree #lowsugar #glutenfree #dairyfree #digestion #athleta #dessert #foodrestrictions #celiac #diabetes
Drew my first card from #TheUniverseHasYourBack today. As long as you believe that whatever you draw is exactly what you need to hear...well, there it is.
FRIDAY! While I’m working toward a life where I don’t actually regret *anything* I eat (for any reason) — or the aftermath of it — I imagine there will be a lot of fun tips on offer Friday evening. Come hang!! #Repost @trainingwithtori
FREE dessert bar! This Friday at @athleta 6pm. Do you know how to treat yourself without regret? @nodenialfoods will show you how! @paigeworthy will demo a few at home yoga moves as well!
#Repost @emilymcdowell_
Here is my belated post for #worldmentalhealthday — now more like #worldmentalhealthnight. // It's a very unjust reality that mental health is treated very differently than physical health, which is so dumb for many reasons - not the least of which is that mental health IS physical health, because your brain is definitely located in your body. As someone who's been on some type of antidepressant since 1988 - the year after Prozac was invented - I know about the shame and loneliness and isolation that goes hand in hand with feeling, always, like something is wrong with you. And I've also come to learn that talking about those feelings is my personal number one rule of having them. (It's like the opposite of Fight Club.) The more connected I've become to other people who are willing to suspend judgment and say "me too," or "I love you anyway," or "would you like to hang out and do nothing?" the healthier I feel. My hope for today is that each one of us can grow this kind of connection in our lives — may we be the ones who reach out, and may we be reached out to.
Back from New York, enjoying a fabulous #SURJ fundraising event at Revolution Brewery! Money raised benefits Chicago #BlackLivesMatter organization @letusbreathe773 and its partners. I won a silent auction item!
I love you, New York. I don’t miss living in you, but I love you.