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  Posted: Sep 12, 2012 3:48 PM FEED
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ava 5y ago
Second night at Toronto Film Fest. After a long day of press, we wound down at the #Instyle party. Me, Emayatzy, Omari, Tilane and David. Happy to be together again. A sweet reunion.
  • Great photo! Hope y'all are having a blast.

  • I can feel the love.😍 @directher

  • Look at all those bright and beautiful (boys can be beautiful too) faces! #sweet Enjoy guys!

  • PS those are my fav kind of pics...the "lets all crowd into one pic and try to take it ourselves" pic. That's love.

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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 10:15 PM
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ava 1d ago
Keep your eyes on the prize.
ava 2d ago
Yours truly at 19 years old in South Central on Crenshaw. Had no idea what the future held. But happy with the way it's turned out. Shout-out to my homegirl Ronda. We had a lot of fun back in the day. The 90s. The music. The boys. And, that hair. 😜
ava 5d ago
My thanks to all who supported @hammer_museum last night at the annual #GalaintheGarden. What a treat to be honored with the great @hilton.als surrounded by family and friends. Lovely times. 🙏🏾
Posted: Oct 12, 2017 2:50 PM
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ava 1w ago
Gosh, I just saw this picture and I realize I do this ALL THE TIME. It's hard to shoot a shooter. To all the photographers and cinematographers who have tried to get me to take a picture or sit for an interview... and then I asked you to move a light or adjust a chair or some other directorial remark... I am sorr... I mean, I apologi... I mean, um... I wish I could stop but.... look, my bad, but it is what it is! #directher #helmer #shotcaller
ava 2w ago
The closest I'd been to Harvard was watching "Good Will Hunting." So last night was a real hoot. 😂 More images from a fun evening with wicked smart people at the Dubois Medal Ceremony. "How do you like them apples?" That was a dud. Okay, I'm done. 💃🏾
ava 2w ago
A glorious night with my fellow Dubois Medalists: Artist Extraordinaire Kara Walker, Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, Microsoft Chairman John Thompson, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, Music Icon LL Cool J, Educator Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer. Immense honor. Immense fun! My thanks to Dr. Henry Louis Gates and the Hutchins Center at Harvard for recognizing my stuff. A really nourishing evening.
ava 3w ago
I've listened to his music for years and swooned. So I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that GAMES OF THRONES and WESTWORLD's Ramin Djawadi has joined the beautiful WRINKLE IN TIME family as our composer. Out of this world fantastic!
ava 3w ago
I can't find words that express the experience of tonight. To watch SELMA at the Kennedy Center. Alongside Congressman John Lewis. With the National Symphony Orchestra playing my comrade Jason Moran's sensational film score live. Whew! Emotional and exceptional. Truly unforgettable night. Every moment was an honor. #grateful
ava 4w ago
Sometimes you have to restore yourself. Your balance. Your intention. Today, I did that. And I feel like hope and joy and sunshine. A nourishing afternoon in DC at Sankofa Books and Cafe with some of my favorite people. My ace Tilane Jones. The phenom Jason Moran. And the master and legend Haile Gerima! I feel stronger. xo
ava 1M ago
A night not soon forgotten. A night that further amplifies the message of 13TH. So we don't forget. Thank you to my peers in the @TelevisionAcad for recognizing our work. Onward! xo
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Posted: Sep 7, 2017 5:43 PM
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ava 1M ago
For my Pops. xo
ava 1M ago
Look closely. That's a girl. A girl of color. Saving the universe. Heroes come in all shapes and colors and walks of life. In fact, heroes look just like you, reading this, right now. Something to remember in these trying times. Today is National Read a Book Day and here's our hero Meg Murray (played impeccably by @StormReid) on the @BarnesandNoble exclusive #WrinkleInTime cover. In stores on 10/3 in advance of the film's March 9 release! Tesser well, you hero, you! 🌓
ava 1M ago
Kiss life! And let it kiss you back! Blessed to begin a new year to live. To love. To laugh. To learn. Amen and amen. #onward
ava 2M ago
Saturday love to sweet-as-pie @vernonfrancois for keeping my locs moisturized with his miracle Loc and Braid Nourishing Spray. This is not a commercial. This is genuine, pure, unpaid, for real swooning over a damn good product by a damn good guy. *tosses conditioned hair*
Posted: Aug 19, 2017 4:35 AM
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ava 2M ago
Make sure to come visit me at my new address, y'all. xo
ava 2M ago
"Tomorrow, there'll be more of us." With warm, wonderful Lin Manuel Miranda last night in a room filled with love + community. He's a gem. Thanks for the party, @unclerush. Thanks for rolling, @niecynash1! A beautiful refueling. xo!
ava 2M ago
Hamilton LA premiere. The songs we love. The story retold. Vital. Especially now. For people who believe in justice and dignity for all. "Tomorrow they'll be more of us." ✊🏾
Posted: Aug 16, 2017 5:09 PM
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ava 2M ago
This is Jeanne Louise Francis at my place last night. This queen is my grandmother. Born in South Central LA in 1933. 84 years lovely. May we all be so blessed. Happy birthday, @msjeannefrancis! And thank you. For everything. xo
Posted: Aug 16, 2017 3:36 AM
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ava 2M ago
Fight with light. #oneside
ava 2M ago
Toni Morrison once said: "It's important to know who the real enemy is and to know the very serious function of racism, which is distraction. It keeps you from doing YOUR WORK. It keeps you explaining over and over your reason for being." Last night, I interviewed Korean-American filmmaker @justinchon at #sundancenextfest about his new film GOOK. The film is set against the backdrop of the LA Uprising of '92. We talked about his WORK. The artist's weapon in dark times and all times. His film opens Friday in LA and nationwide August 25. Check it out. And stay focused. ✊🏾