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maghy7 2w ago
So ready to come out to the other side and close this chapter of my life. Almost there. ✨#whpdayoff
maghy7 4w ago
This is exactly how I feel at the moment, more than ready to say goodbye to this chapter of my life and start the new one, you have given me very good memories Florida but I'm also moving on from you, I'm done.
maghy7 7w ago
Finding inspiration around Coral Gables for a vision board 💫 This city is so beautiful 😍
maghy7 11w ago
Do you ever stop and wonder where did those dreams go? It's so hard in this society to keep a hold of them when since the beginning you are programmed to fulfill the expectations and put them aside. I vow to try my hardest to teach my child to never let go of his dreams, to help him along the way and to not put pressure expecting what I was programmed to expect. ✨
maghy7 12w ago
And then you stumble upon a little oasis and your worries are put on hold. 😌
maghy7 13w ago
Fire against ice, I'm ready! #got 🐉❄️
maghy7 16w ago
In this day and age there is no excuse for keeping animals in captivity, away from their natural habitats for the pure enjoyment of people and to make a few pockets richer.
I for sure was not expecting this kind of "science" museum.
maghy7 17w ago
Orlando it was a fun 4 years. From all the time spent in the sunshine state, central FL has definitely been my favorite, you will be missed (not the humidity) but I will always cherish you. 🍊💛
maghy7 28w ago
Have been very busy these past few weeks and will be for the next 2 months, the rewards will be very gratifying once we cross the bridge, or the country I should say 😆
maghy7 31w ago
Dreaming and planning of good things to come, so excited for what is ahead, it's never late to chase your dreams and one thing I learned this week is that we all live in our own time zone, never early or never late, we are right on time, on our time zone. 💫
maghy7 31w ago
So excited to see this show tonight!!! @gameofthrones
maghy7 34w ago
Colombian arepas with a twist, Totoro style ☂️
maghy7 34w ago
#Backyardgoals, for a girl who loves trees and all kinds of greenery having an empty backyard is very depressing. I want trees please 😩 and a shed for arts and crafts, that's my dream.
maghy7 36w ago
Watercolor I did for my friend last week, not the finished product but close.🎨
maghy7 37w ago
Better late than ever right? Finally got my Christmas presents! 😆 #MADE