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Keith is going to have to step up his "dating game" - these little dudes have stolen the top spot! 💙 #firststatefair #allthejunkfood #firstride #twinboys
We are going to soak up every minute of this last month under 1!!! Little boys can you believe how fast it has gone?? #twinboys
We are tailgating for Mom's bday and it is awesome! Mom is one lucky lady to have such amazing kids. #tarheeltwins #gdtbath #goheels
Let's kick off this dreary Monday on the right note - happy tub babies 😊😍 #twinboys
As you can see from the boys expressions - we love us some AK!!! Thankful to meet such good people along the way in this profession 💙 and the fact we can stay in touch no matter where we are! We've come a long way! 🤣
My heart breaks with so many in this country over last nights events and so many other happenings this country unfortunately has had to witness. Prayer is my answer today - please join me. 🙏🏻
Grateful I get to spend October with these two pumpkins 😘 #twinboys
I am so very proud of Keith as he was inducted into St. Cloud State's Hall of Fame this weekend. Our hearts broke with our Tarheel family yesterday....but the sweetest friends of ours still took some time to celebrate Keith because he deserves it. So we may not have been able to make it North for the ceremony - but I'm forever grateful for the friends that lifted Keith up and have supported and celebrated him 💙😘 love you guys!
We are cheering on our Dads Tarheels today! But we are so proud of him being inducted into his Hall of Fame at @scsuhuskies! #justlikedad #twinboys
I was gone 24 hours and I come home and one child knows how to crawl up stairs 😳 Grammys fired from babysitting.🙈#gatesup #twinboys
Happy birthday to my bestie @marlopolo thanks for loving up on my babes this weekend so I could get away. Love you even more after knowing you spent your bday chasing after my crazies.
Pretended we were on vacation for a hot minute. Never mind...we are on a football trip 🤣 Norfolk is beautiful. Beat odu.
Double digits boys! And nonstop GO . This is 10 months. #twinboys
Our first superhero shirts 😳 and oh.m.gee I'm a boy mom 🤣 #twinboys