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Happy Birthday to the one and only person to hold a set of spare keys to my apartment, ever! Thank you for always being nothing short of the awesomest, and for sharing the burden of each and every one of my existential anxieties. ❤❤❤
When you're desperate to make some photos but you're also sick as a dog and can't go nowhere; I decided to give myself a haircut to pass the time (time, otherwise spent in bed looking at the ceiling.) 💁📸 And so, naturally, a self-portrait was made. #whatwouldfridado
16 Sept 2017 // Kg.Baru // River of Life // Flyover
super happy with how this shoot for Raffles KL turned out in print. so crisp, so clean!
Paik Yin presenting her stunning a work on the body and self, Metaphor.
Sandra-Chen presenting work at this afternoon's KLPA session at White Box Gallery, Publika.