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  Posted: Sep 12, 2012 5:16 AM
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Pause to remember 9/11
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  • Try learning some history, @xpostri . Start with the Condor Operation and also with cables from the Brazilian Embassy at the time.

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    Great simple design @luka04 👍

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  • i dont understand this whole remembering 9/11. what most seem to forget is that your 9/11 is Palestine's, Libya's, Iraq's and Syria's 24/7. and i dont hear anyone saying "lets pause and remember these countries"

  • Inside job

  • I agree with you @nousheeng ! If one, then all!

  • Every time is when you observe to remember. Just let 9/11 go away now.

  • @nousheeng or 9/11 in Chile. Anyway, well said!

  • Love

  • @nousheeng because in the space of a few hours over 1000 people died due to 9/11... Innocent people in their everyday lives!!.... Yes people are dying in other countried but soldiers choose to go to war knowin the risks they may face!!!.... Iraq!! Don't get me started, they are the reason this war started.... And let's face it, none of them respect us or think to remember us.... Why the hell should we think of all them??!!.... I have a massive amount of sympathy for the people affected by 9/11..... Unfortunately, and it is sad too say, but I have no interest whatsoever about the countries you mention.... When have they ever given a damn about us!!???

  • @nousheeng yes. Skyscrapers r falling everyday there -_- they deserve it cuz they attacked for no reason and the governments over in the middle east could care less about their citizens

  • Ignorant people

  • @leithafea... Iraq? Iraq is not the reason why this war started you manipulating government is tge reason for all the wars. 9/11 was a planed event and if you still dont know that then i sugest you do morr research on the matter. ofcorse you dont care about the countries i mentioned you have no heart to think about the innocent civilians being kill everyday. so its fine for me to say 1000 people died in a few hours. what about the hundred thousands who died and still continue to die everyday in these countries?? im pretty sure they are not all terrorist. your gorverment is inhumane.

  • and why should anyone give damn about yoy when your country doesnt give a damn about anyone. all they want is oil.

  • @nousheeng and where do u live? China? Haha wow I'd pick USA everyday I'm not even gonna go into how screwed up their government is. Or is it somewhere else? We did nothing to Iraq they just idiotically attacked us which means we go to war. If u don't like wat we have to say about 9/11 then get off and shut up. Since a baby is ur profile pic and ur acting like one I'm starting to wonder...

  • This America that's why

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  • @nousheeng @leithafea I hate to address you both and rarely do I ever want to get in political arguments anywhere and IG certainly is the last place for me to be political but I do have a couple things I want to say: First of all, "Remember 9/11" isn't a propaganda for the whole world to stop and remember 9/11. Its purpose is for Americans, especially the families affected, to remember what happened and honor the lives of the innocent people that were lost by this kind of culture/religious war that is going on between the east and west. We pause to remember something that we never thought would have ever happened. As sad as it is to say, you said it yourself, attacks happen in Syria and other countries on a daily basis. But that's just the thing. This kind of thing just doesn't happen in the middle of New York City on a weekday. An aircraft just doesn't fly into a building in a first world country killing innocent lives. That said, just because we were attacked it doesn't help to react without pause. Separating yourself and rising against the opponent without having any thoughts is not the best response. Revenge is sweet, but always ends bitterly. Declaring war against a nation that attacked us only caused more harm than any good. I'm not saying it was the worst decision and I certainly cannot offer any other alternative however, the US went into it with a mentality of us versus them. I think it's fine if you don't want to sympathize with other countries but we have no right to belittle their ongoing terrors.

  • @sunbluesky wat lie? And wat do u mean an inside job

  • First of all... Our goverment is NOT the cause of all wars... Religion is!! Secondly.... I do have a heart, everytime a soldier is killed in one of these pointless wars!! It makes me think of how what their family is going, I think about the parentless children that are left behind!!.... To be honest our goverment is a pile of shit (and by the way I'm English, not American!) I do not agree with the way our country is run and I hate the fact that our troops are being sent over to countries to fight a war that none of us British agree with!! And regarding your last comment, I don't expect anyone to give a damn about us, least of all iraq @nousheeng

  • ^^^^what a retard @jakesnake1997 ... So you think Iraq bombed US... Learn your facts.. don't be ignorant.. And honor those lost by not being closed minded

  • @pierre_bordeaux wat the heck?! Where'd I say we were bombed u idiot? A plane crashed into a skyscraper that's wat I said. Plz get ur facts straight before u come talk to me

  • @jeanbeau that was really well written with some fabulous points! No one wants to get political on IG but you were well composed and seemingly unbiased. Happy to see that on any network

  • @jakesnake1997 what proof do you have iraq attacked you. just because your gorvenment tells you so? its so sad for the most part your all like lil puppets. you do and listen to whatever bullshit your government feeds your mind with. do a more reaserch then come here to talk to me. and btw im from Iran you know the country your government doesnt really like. wtc and the Pentagon attack was an inside job. but your too narrow minded to understand that.

  • @leithafea if you don't stand with your troops, then feel free to stand in front of them. If they are not complaining, what gives you the right to "stand up" for them when you probably don't even know why they signed up in the first place. They know what they got into when they enlisted. So don't try to think that you know what's best for them when you're not doing anything for your country. Show respect. And by saying that they are fighting a "pointless" war.. You tell them that their fellow soldiers died for no reason, and see what kind of response you get from an actual soldier.

  • @nousheeng ouch. Ur in Iran? I'm sorry haha u have to live in that hell hole everyday? And maybe it was the bodies? Man I cant stand talking to babies-I mean people like u. Bye. And uh have fun in Iran! *sarcasm*

  • @nousheeng give solid evidence that 9/11 was a planned event.

  • @nousheeng False. Almost. Not all wars are caused by religion. Case in point: WWI was because of territorial tension, imperialism, nationalism, and other sorts but the least bit of it was religion. You should know this well, you're British. And for everyone saying Iraq attacked US you cannot generalize Osama Bin Laden and his, for lack of a better word, followers as Iraqis as there are some who do not believe this attack was justified. OBL attacked the US as a challenge to the Americans to challenge their own government.

  • @jakesnake1997 its so sad to see how your such an ignorant abd how you view things. i think you need to travel and see places in order for you to have a broader mind. you know nothing about iran except what your media tells you. @jimmyyys you want evidence i can give you the best link that explains everything. from the amrican military pilots them selves.

  • Why don't you pause and think about syria NOW?

  • youtube video: 9/11 facts unknown to most. watch that video

  • @nousheeng haha u kidding me I've done research about it! And uh don't b jealous that ur country is too stupid to even have media. U keep repeating the same thing in ur arguments all u say to me is I'm ignorant and close minded. While I keep bringing new stuff out. Is that all u got?

  • @sunbluesky Yeah you go on living your little conspiracy theorist life and say that crap to people like my friend who was born and raised in New York City and has to live with the aftermath of that tragic day for the rest of her adult life. You tell that to the families of the dead Pentagon workers. I'm sure they'd love to hear how the last White House staff masterminded the whole thing and killed thousands just to go to war in the Mid East. They'd probably smack you upside the head for thinking like you do.

  • @nousheeng give me the evidence. Give me a credible source. And then maybe I'll consider you to be giving some sort of intelligent argument.

  • I'm sure @photooftheday was prepared for this hullabaloo when they chose to end the night with this photo. Way to spark conversation 👏👏👏 good talk, everyone!

  • All these people from the middle east need to mature and keep their messed up opinions to themselves

  • Any human life is precious regardless of nationality or religion .. As humans we have to show compassion towards other people's suffering (again regardless of nationality or religion) @nousheeng @leithafea @jakesnake1997 @jeanbeau

  • @nalsharafi yes I agree human life is precious even those in the middle east cuz ima Christian not afraid to say that either

  • @jakesnake1997 you didnt bring up anything new. all you talk about is what you government. stereotypical! as much as you think our opinions are messed up. i think your opinions are ridiculous.

  • Sorry @nousheeng I meant to tag @leithafea to the response about cause of wars not you. Nonetheless, @nalsharafi I'm not sure why you're tagging me. I'm Switzerland here 😝

  • @nousheeng awesome. 80% of the world will agree with me. And wow u didn't call me ignorant or close minded I'm proud of u! Now plz shut up

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  • d_kh 5y ago

    @jakesnake1997 and @jimmyyys first of all I hate getting into those kind of talks so I'll start with saying that I sympathise with what happened on 9/11 and all the lives lost on that day.. But just for the sake of argument I'll use ur question in return and ask you guys to give solid evidence that 9/11 was done by Iraq? Other than that I would like to remind you of some points you seem to have forgotten. 1. That according to your government 9/11 was planned by afghanistan "al qa'eda" and that was the reason for the American afghani war and the hunt for bin laden. Which ended by dumping his body in the ocean this year.. Something a bit too hard to believe don't you think? And second as your government stated, the war in Iraq was 1. In Search for weapons of mass destruction that according to them sadam owned "that they still haven't found" and 2. To free the people from a dictator. Those are the known facts that i assume everyone knows?.. That being Said i just want to say that I personally feel sorry for 9/11 and everyone that lost a loved one regardless whom or what caused it.

  • @d_kh hm. Well that was interesting jk I already knew pretty much all of that I like how u were acting so official. Bye

  • @d_kh 1. Where did I say that it was done by Iraq? I must have missed the part where I said that. I simply question the legitimacy of the argument that 9/11 was a planned event by the US government. And until anyone can give solid evidence, not theory, then you have no argument.

  • @jeanbeau im tagging you because ALL human life is precious .. Living in NY, Switzerland, or any other place doesnt make your life more precious than anyone else's .. Because you live in a stable environment doesnt mean that its ok to not feel compassion for people who do not have that privilige

  • Go USA ... USA all the way!!! 🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @jakesnake1997 because you are a human you are not afraid .. As i said it has nothing to do with nationality or religion

  • I agree with @nalsharafi . My heart goes to the victims of 9/11, to those who felt sick and/ or died trying to help the ones who were trapped in the Twin Towers but I also cry for all the innocent victims ( CIVILIANS) who die everyday in forgotten wars / civil wars/ terroristic attacks like is happening in Syria. And what about the Beslan school massacre ? The Beslan school hostage crisis also referred to as the Beslan school siege of early September 2004 lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),ending with the death of over 380 people.... I have never ever seen a remembering for them... It's sad but we'ld left hate and revenge apart and learn from what happened, we'ld do any effort to make this world a better place, we'ld cry and remember all those who have died being innocent, with no distinction of race or religion. These awful events should unite people against those who wants to spread hate ... @jakesnake1997 @jimmyyys @linawali @nousheeng

  • @nalsharafi Jeez guy, relax. I never said I didn't care for human life. I even said we didn't have a right to belittle others woes. And I don't live in Switzerland. It's an expression.

  • @nalsharafi or girl. Sorry didn't check.

  • @jakesnake1997 yes i will for i have seen how pint sized your mind is 👎

  • @jakesnake1997 Because everyday I know to be so lucky to live in a country where I can express my opinion , because only through a respectful confrontation between different point of views I can learn from other people and because I believe that only through knowledge and awareness you can try to be a better person and make a better world

  • @nalsharafi @tatimilano I agree, the lives lost in forgotten wars/conflicts/events are tragic and should not be unseen. But what happened on 9/11 stands on its own, thousands of lives were lost in a matter of seconds when each tower collapsed. It was not an event that lasted days or weeks. It happened in a matter of hours. I watched from start to finish of the events on that day, something I will never forget. I respect your values in human life as a whole because I do the same. But do not try to belittle 9/11 as something that happens on a daily basis around d the world, because I do not recall any event in recent history that thousands of lives were lost in a single morning. THAT is why we pause 9/11 to remember.

  • @jakesnake1997 don't tell others to be mature when you yourself cannot provide any well thought out argument and cannot even use proper grammar. And if you simply do not wish to part of the conversation, then don't respond. It's that simple.

  • My sympathy goes out to all killed and affected by 9/11. But In honor of all victims, I think it's very obvious to me that an independent and criminal investigation needs to be done on what happened that day. The people who perpetrated this crime need to held accountable. To this day, no one has went to trial for the crime of the century. No one held accountable is unAmerican and unpatriotic, and not an honor to those that died that day. Time to do the right thing.

  • @jimmyyys I do agree with you and I'll never forget that day even if I'm not American and I still feel horrified for what happened that day and it's right to always remember those who died that day without forgetting about all others innocent victims around the world . Thank you for being so nice 😊💗

  • @jakesnake1997 phone language is a nonsensical term that people use to be lazy so that they have an excuse to not act like intelligent beings. And having a high gpa is a simple feat for a freshman, but keep up the good work. But as I recall, you call yourself a Christian, yet you call others "idiots", try to practice what you preach.

  • @tatimilano I do appreciate your sympathy towards what happened on 9/11, the world needs more people like you to show sympathy towards others not of your nationality and that care about foreign affairs. That gives me hope. And thank you for being so polite yourself :)

  • @jimmyyys i am by no means belitteling 9/11 .. By the contrary .. I am stating the importance of ALL human tragedy be it 9/11, hiroshima (seems you forgot about that), wars, and everything in between .. Its all loss to humanity

  • @jakesnake1997 its not trying to sound sophisticated, it's being educated and mature. And I think 80%of freshman have at least a 4.0 gpa or higher. It's not that hard, especially for the Texas public school systems where the curriculum is sub par and simple.

  • @nalsharafi you may not have intentionally belittled 9/11, but drawing attention to other tragic events, that is kind of what you did. 9/11 is a day to remember september 11th, 2001. Let that moment be. I did remember hiroshima and the Holocaust, but I was referring to events within 20 years of today where nothing comes close to 9/11. I However agree with you that all events are a loss to humanity. Yet, i also know that war an conflict is in human nature, you cannot deny that.

  • @jimmyyys again .. I have not belittled .. All tragedy is the same .. And i dont agree with you that war is in human nature .. At least its not in my nature .. And im sure this applies to lots of people as well

  • @nalsharafi reason I say that it is human nature, is that war has been in history since history started. There has hardly been a point in time when there hasn't been some type of war going on in the world. It has been, and always will be war between humans. That's just how it is. And to think otherwise would be naive

  • @picture - Yes we have to.

  • @yuhseen everything you say is in theory, you have no legitimacy to your arguments, no facts, no evidence, nothing. Your population control theory is nothing. 9/11 was in no way a major population swing. Yes, nearly 3000 lives were lost, however in country with millions upon millions of citizens, that is not a dent in the population. And with the life expectancy rate at an almost all time high, your argument is flawed.

  • So true @yuhseen

  • Pfft we are overseas to take control of their oil supply. Get the conspiracies right! :p

  • @jakesnake1997 HA! Im tagging you just because your a small minded redneck fool and annoying you in any way possible us a pleasure. I wouldnt brag about being a Christian either... That happy little group of sheep have killed more than any other religion. The crusades? You know, when the Christians went around killing and enslaving other nations for not following their beliefs. Theres a reason everyone is tagging you, and it's because your arguments are like that of a child (or redneck, same mental age anyway).

  • @jakesnake1997 as an American, I can say that ummm.. Learn some actual facts before spewing nonsense about Iraq attacking us when NONE of the hijackers even had Iraqi citizenship...15 out of 19 were Saudi Arabian but u didn't hear a peep about Saudi arabia having terrorist ties..

  • @jakesnake1997 please don't be that naive American that makes us all look dumb and ignorant to the rest of the world..

  • @nousheeng I don't kno what @jakesnake1997 is talking about.. Our govt NEVER said Iraq attacked us. Our govt lied about weapons of mass destruction that Iraq supposedly have and now it's been proven for the whole world to see that thy never did. Thousands of our soldiers and HUNDREDS of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died because of it, many of them children.

  • For the love and PEACE of those lost, @Photooftheday, pls delete all this sad, angry commenting above. Please.

  • Always remember.

  • @shaina2626 thank you, I was thinking the same thing, but you worded that perfectly!!

  • Hot Photo

  • Clever

  • @shaina2626 I thought I better delete my comment incase I get a backlash, glad you read it how meant it because I really didnt want to come across horrible, Unfortunalty the internet is a place where you will always get people commenting there opinions no matter hiw unwanted and pathetic they are :-(

  • @yuhseen haha wrong. I was 4. Nice try tho

  • @greg_bowyer those were Catholics with screwed up beliefs they weren't Christians at all hardly anything they believed was true and I love bragging about being a Christian cuz I'm not ashamed

  • @sashajustice I would say I care wat u think about me...but I'd b lying.

  • @greg_bowyer Hahahaha u think I care wat u think of me? Think again. It's over the Internet I could care less haha wow

  • cagm82 5y ago

    9/11 memorials every year do nothing but make the families relive what happened year after year. Yes, it was a tragedy. Yes, it's controversial. Yes, more lives have been lost over the years because of it. It's time to move on.

  • @jimmyyys wrong again. I don't go to public school. I go to a school that's still really big but the system is way different

  • @yuhseen You're young and, I'm only assuming judging by your comments, have a very liberal and eastern perspective on things. Thank you for the compliment but I think your views influenced your judgment on my comments because I was as diplomatic about it as I could have been. Simply, I explained that this culture clash was not caused by Iraqis; the purpose of 'Remembering 9/11' is to honor lives that were lost but not a demand for the whole world to take notice; and lastly, it is a human right to feel sympathy or not feel any (obviously based on personal beliefs - completely different argument) to those that died during the war, any war, but it isn't fair to play judge and jury for us to belittle any life or belief whatsoever. With that, I don't think you can assume I was in any way biased or even showed I saw one perspective more than the other. Still, I appreciate your opinion!

  • Always heartbreaking to think of...

  • Can't believe all the negative comments on here. Really sad. As an American, I remember this day clearly and it hurts every year when this day comes around. Whether or not a ceremony happened, we all remember it and relive those attacks. Yes, it happens elsewhere every day and I am saddened by that too but don't attack Americans for remembering loved ones lost. This DOESN'T happen here on a regular basis which is why it was such a big hit for us.  

  • I will repeat what @love2snap has said: FOR THE LOVE AND PEACE OF THOSE LOST, @photooftheday , please delete all of this sad, angry commentary.

  • @janeyb7807 nicely put. FL inhabitant

  • Can we all stop fighting about the cause and just remember the almost 3000 innocent men and women that died and all the firefighters and and police that died trying to save lives.

  • Thank you. I am originally from FL but now reside in GA. @saxylove

  • That's awesome! @janeyb7807 I'll be there in January for a big event called Passion

  • Is it with Passion Church? My sister just invited me to go there. @saxylove

  • @allofyoudebatingyesterday, For all of you who failed to respect all of the innocent civilians who lost their lives in this human tragedy, please exercise a moment of silence now. Your ignorance & disrespect is not welcomed.

  • @janeyb7807 from what I gather, MANY churches go to this event, I'm not sure what organization (or church) puts the event together (it's my first year attending) .. I've heard from friends that it's an amazing event.. If you get the chance, you should definitely go! :)

  • @theoriginalchowman Amen! Thank you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God bless America.

  • @saxylove I think I will. I hear that Chris Tomlin is the music pastor of that church too. I have to check it out!

  • This is not a photo it is an ad... @photooftheday

  • Bless anyway @photooftheday

  • Oh wow I didn't know that, all the better @janeyb7807

  • 

  • 🗽🇺🇸🙏 R.I.P #NeverForget

  • Rip<3

  • @yuhseen that made sense. U dont even know me. U just made urself sound completely retarded by saying that without knowing anything about me

  • thats so nice peace on earth

  • Very simple yet effective photo

  • jenn_z 5y ago


  • @yuhseen just look at ur profile pic now THAT looks gay. Looks like ur epicly failing at trying to look cool haha. Btw I do know it all...I could care less wat u think of me hahaha

  • @yuhseen yes ur pic u know wat I'm talking about. That comeback made no sense! Hahahahaha TERRIBLE just a word of advice don't try to look cool

  • @yuhseen they look weird cuz my dog bumped em right when I took it. Truce? I'm tired of arguing.

  • @yuhseen why would I act cool when I don't give a crap wat people think about me haha and the second half made no sense. A loser is an "adult" picking on a 14 year old. THATS a loser. If u don't have anything to do but argue with a 14 year old then ur sad

  • @thomazmagnum su tw mi hanno fatto notare che nel 2002 mtvitalia fece una campagna uguale vincendo anche 2 premi. :D

  • n8rr 5y ago


  • so amazing

  • awww

  • ttb_j 5y ago


  • nice

  • like all my photos and ill like urs

  • pause

  • dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppheart breaking

  • "We Will Never Forget" 9/11

  • Can u shout me out? Plz @photooftheday

  • ouch...

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