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#Tbt to having a very #SATC moment. Not because I had a pink cocktail or was wearing leopard, but because I was having dinner with two wonderful humans who are like sisters and whom life would be far lesser without. 💗💗
Vancouver, you're nice ✌🏼💗 Shoes do not indicate golf club (political) support 🙅🏼🇺🇸
Presenting Voleo in #NewYork a couple weeks ago! Watch the video, link in @myvoleo's profile 🤗 #millennials #investing #investmentclub
When you get to 29 it's one night out, one night in 👌🏼🍷📰 Today was one of the first days that I loved #SanFrancisco; we're figuring out our choice neighborhoods one by one 🌉👨🏻👩🏼🐶
Went to #NYC to pitch at #Finovate's #fintech conference and we won best in show!! 🙊🙊 Very excited to sit amongst the other winners on a panel tomorrow morning representing @myvoleo 🎉🙋🏼 Thx @liiskearney for the 📸😘
This is #NYC 2013, and my first solo trip to #Manhattan. Don't you just sometimes wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self to stop worrying, that everything's gonna turn out great? 🤗💗 Headed back for #Finovate's fall #fintech conference! ✈️💸 #wheelsup! #westvillage
Dogs are like crazy annoying balls of sunshine and unicorn glitter. They're funny and sweet and loving and make you pick up their poo everyday. They snore louder than you'd ever expect and when they're sick, you find yourself going into full parent mode. Sometimes their hotels cost more than yours. Their breath smells like expensive-best-quality food and their farts embarrass you in the elevator. They'll lick you and groom you and kiss you and stare into your eyes with so much love you'd think you were made of treats. They sneak into your bed when you're not looking and try to eat the lipstick at Sephora. They're your best friend and fur baby all at once. Two years ago today I brought this sweet little nut home and through our trials and poo explosions and sweet cuddles, I couldn't imagine life without her. She's our baby and will forevermore always choose @realwisam over me. 💗💗💗🐶