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a little Jurassic park look-alike in Galapagos / 갈라파고스 태양 좋아하는 이과나 ^_^

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The kindest and most talented @thekittyholland puts on a whale of a gallery show! #Partyanimals is incredibly cheerful and funny! Go check it out at the #Narwhal gallery on Dundas St :)
The Lion Monument in #luzern #switzerland ..for fallen soldiers defending french king Louis XVI in 1792. Emotive and lovely.
Had to have a #lindt from the highest Lindt store in the world.... which they call Lindt heaven! #switzerland
Yes those are baby swans and lily pads and a castle on a hill and a turquoise lake. This is the fairy tale land of #Bled #slovenia ...go if you have not been...
The tiny and the gigantic together in harmony...
I spent my last day in #switzerland exploring Bern. It was unusually hot there (33 degrees) and I was glad to meet some nice people while sitting in the shade. Highly recommend this beautiful city wrapped in turquoise water!
Insanely beautiful day up in the #swissalps! Surrounded 360 by amazing scenery and feeling so lucky and so small.....
Don't need a filter when the water is this colour... #triglav #slovenia🇸🇮 the water was somewhere between 6-10 degrees (ie. close to freezing) and I swam in it! For 30 seconds!
My favourite way to be in the world 🌎 🐾🎒#backpacking #travelsolo #ljubljana My backpack is the Gregory Amber 34 :)
While sitting by a statue in the main square of Ljubljana last night, a woman approached us and offered us beers (in Slovenian), and we accepted and we sat for an hour having a conversation by the triple bridges...this place lives up to its reputation as a very friendly and pretty place!! Her advice when we said goodbye was "if you're thinking of doing something, do it!" 🤗 then she ran back and asked for a selfie with us and got our email. After she left we took our own little selfie too. Easily falling very in love with this little capital city 😍🇸🇮
Venice? Rome? Turin? Naples? Anywhere you want to go you can get there from #Milan train station...
This time last year I was planning my trip to the #balkans, and now I'm looking back at just how gorgeous it was....I'm going to get a train to Slovenia in the next few days to see more of this beautiful part of the world! 📷from #plitvice lakes in #croatia
Life is a balance between the journeys and the destinations. My feet can't keep still for very long, so I end up having a lot of journeys... today's journey brought me up a mountain and into a funicular and 2 cable cars. I ran over and snapped this pic was right before I hopped on the funicular. Everyone on my boat ride to get here was coupled off or with friends, so I say again to my fellow journeying humans: #travelsolo! If you do then others will and we will find each other somewhere out there and have a ball
Today I went to a #Swiss village farm. After spending 20 minutes with the cows (and being observed by them...they looked up with every step I took and their eyes followed me as I walked....) I felt a bit sad that most of us city dwellers don't really get the chance to see animals up close. Cows, chickens, llamas(!), a family of sheep... all sooooo cute if only we had more chances to see them in these environments. Also please YouTube cows jumping if you've never seen it. You're welcome 😉
Sometimes you're just amazed at the natural colours in the world around you. #Walensee as seen from a #swiss train window
The view over #Liechtenstein today...not bad for a #wanderlustwednesday :) Also celebrating that this is my 60th country!!!
A pool of rose petals. Reminiscent of the Monet Water Lilies.... #foundbeauty #Zurich
First big views in #Switzerland...vast rolling green hills with occasionally visibly snowy alps in the distant horizon...cows too!! And rain ☔️