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We have a love/hate relationship, but one thing that's always been consistent... she's always down. 👌🏽 happy birthday @missvanessarae #letsgo #twomanparty #everyyear #hennessey #veryspecial
Rewind it back to @cheska_kayeee & @therealpootie's special day in Laguna Niguel. What a beautiful wedding. Look ma, I made the cut. 🎥🤗 #SandieWasAtTheBarEverytime #tbt
Two weeks from today, I will be partaking in a walk to raise funds and awareness to fight suicide.
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. On average there are 121 suicides a day.
I will be walking for #everybody. When I think of someone that has lost a loved one or even considered suicide themselves, the names that come to mind are endless. It happens too often and more people feel alone than we think.

This is a cause that hits very close to home. I am proud to support #StopSuicide and spread awareness. I welcome anyone that wants be a part, please click link to register or donate in my profile. #AFSPorangecounty #YouAreNotAlone #OutOfTheDarkness
To that one time, I was convinced to meet up and didn't go home until the weekend was over. 😂Definitely a memorable... wild time. #troubleissofunthough #flashback
#tbt Every year as kids, (when it hit my birthday and for the 11 days to follow) I would tell you, "you can't tell me what to do, we're the same age!" On the 7th of September, that came to a halting end. 😂😩😒 #354daysApart #HBD #AllPicturesPostedCantBeGlamorousYou #SameSameButDifferent
Happy birthday to this real life hero. In the past few months, she's been recovering from surgery where she selflessly donated a kidney anonymously to save a stranger's. There needs to be more people like her. Have a great one. #tbt #MotherDaughter #HerosDontAlwaysWearCapes
Baby boy told me to pick this up and pay for it, but it's from him to me of course.
#tbt twinning with @o1iviaaa as we attended @smorgasburg New York. Thanks for housing me. Funny, how you just left my house today! 😁 #NYC #TheBigApple #PartTwo #WaivedToYourApt
Monday's aren't so maniac here with this view. 🤗
Take me back to last Saturday when we witnessed a beautiful wedding then everyone danced the night away. Thanks for having us 🤗 @therealpootie @cheska_kayeee #TBT #DanceOff #ShakeItOff #pootiekaye #pooskatakestheplunge #EndedWithADab #ClubPootieKaye