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dannyway 266w ago
Lil morning Heli training .. @bobburnquist

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In 1991 @planbofficial was born and its relevance was built with @williamseansheffey being 1 of the 5 of us who started the company, he is such a huge part of the legacy and DNA of this brand .. 26 years after the inception of PlanB look what this #legend is doing .. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ ripping is an understatement and holding down a career for this long and still one of the best of all time is mind blowing .. yes this line is switch 😘 so happy he's back home 🙏😎👍 @kennsk8tr 📹 clip
Well you know 😘 thanks @callawaygolf and for allowing me to bring in my board .. 📹 shot @lagoogs #petcopark
Some clips of the @planbofficial team at #poodsskatepark yesterday. This is no regular team , it's family and the energy created amongst the group is so inspiring, its very infectious to be around or part of ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️@shecks @trevormcclung @jaggereaton @williamseansheffey @chrisjoslin_ @alphonzorawls and Jagger's bro @jetteaton getting a little taste of that energy killing it .
had a fun little low-tech street session today @dcshoes @dc_skateboarding facility with @prochrisgentry on 📹
Welcome back home @williamseansheffey to the team and family you help create 🙏@planbofficial #legend
Looks like the new Mega ramp / studio apartment complex is on track .. hyped on the progress and can't believe this dream is coming true 😜 he he much love to @broken_magazine for all the support throughout the build 🙏 @crossripfitness
young future #dimeglorychallenge competitors ... these kids were born with their #speedshades on ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️#tashenway #rumiway @dimemtl @dcshoes
A lil raw edit @bigheadcabrera put together with the clips he shot with me from the @dcshoes #dcpromo vid .. hyped Cory , thanks my brother 👊
These guys are changing the game .. #dimerevolution 🙏 thanks for an awesome weekend @dimemtl @dc_skateboarding @dcshoes @thrashermag
Had a blast this weekend at the #dimeglorychallenge .. the skating , the humor and chaos was full throttle all weekend , it was a ridiculous amount of fun .. the #gangsterchallenge @dimemtl represent .. @dc_skateboarding @dcshoes @brandonbiebel photography
Really happy to drop some new clips and I really wanted to show it all in the #dcpromo but it's the 25 year anniversary of @dcshoes in 2018 and we have a plan to release the rest of the footage in spring 18 as part of the 25 years of @dc_skateboarding celebration campaign. #itaintoveryet @thrashermag #biblebelt clip by @authorizedfilms
Hyped to drop some new tricks in the #dcpromo vid that premiers today with @thrashermag @dc_skateboarding @dcshoes my boy @bigheadcabrera had my back on this clip 🙏 @planbofficial
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #rumiway
The @hstreetskateboards classics keep coming .. the Giant graphic was one of the most remembered boards of my career my second pro model but the Rabbit in the Hat graphic which was my first pro model ever and the Giant graphic were originally released in 1989 by @hstreetskateboards . These boards are both available now but in limited runs . Go check out the @hstreetskateboards website to see all the reissues we are doing . 🙏
It's finally about to go down .. I've heard nothing but how important it is to do well in this event so I've been training hard getting ready for the big day .. #dimeglorychallenge @dcshoes @dimemtl