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  Posted: Sep 11, 2012 5:10 PM FEED
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...meanwhile somewhere in Crooklyn.

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Posted: Mar 1, 2017 9:34 PM
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Algún día vendrá a mí la muerte a presumirme de su eternidad; entonces yo le hablaré de tu mirada.
Posted: Feb 25, 2017 11:38 PM
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Eres lluvia de flores preciosas.
Posted: Feb 14, 2017 8:45 PM
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Someday I will tell you my story, and you will know how much i looked for you.
Posted: Feb 8, 2017 11:26 PM
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Yo fui amoroso, amable y tierno. Hasta que entendí que estaba tratando con mujeres y no con ositos cariñositos.
Posted: Jan 25, 2017 3:46 AM
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Si vez a tu boca, dile que la quiero.
Posted: Jul 3, 2016 1:47 AM
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Your eyes are a small drop of universe, that holds an entire constellation.
Posted: Dec 27, 2015 9:10 AM
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I wanted it to make her happy every minute of her life. And she would made me the happiest men on hearth.
I wanted it take care of her more than my own life, I wanted it hold her hand every day until the skin on our hands wrinkled.

Why life is so like this?
Seems that no matter how hard we fight we never win.
And we have to get back home every day empty handed and defeated. Just to wait for the next morning for our hearts to beat again, full of hope and joy to keep fighting.

We spend days In our lifes collecting Dreams, memories and laughs to share them w a special person.
But lots of times that special person never comes to our lifes.
And all those dreams, all those plans will get lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Everything on her is perfect. Everything she does is beautiful.
Her voice, her eyes, the way she smiles.
that other something that I can't explain but the heart feels it.
She is made for my soul, made for my arms and made for my life.
It's hard for me to explain how can I dream w her even when she was sometimes is lay down sleeping right next to me.
How not to love her if she smiles at me more beautiful than the same life.

The way she touch

The way she loves

The way she feels.

The way she is
Her .
Posted: Oct 19, 2015 6:51 PM
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If Peter Parker has spider powers, then I have pork powers :(
Posted: Oct 14, 2015 10:43 PM
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I always carry a bean burrito and condoms, just in case I get hungry at the middle of the sex.
Posted: Oct 12, 2015 8:58 PM
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U cannot always be a hero.
But u can always be a gentleman.
Posted: Aug 11, 2015 12:57 AM
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I don't think girls notice how handsome my mum says I am.
Posted: Aug 9, 2015 5:03 PM
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This summer is boring as shit, I should've stay in jail.
Posted: Jul 9, 2015 9:49 PM
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If the universe didn't need you, you wouldn't be here.