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  Posted: Sep 11, 2012 3:32 PM FEED
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Something happens in the fall & I feel like nesting. Having a hard time sleeping I have so many ideas.

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today we spent the morning learning how to make ceramics with @doragood_ceramics and her mother grace, overlooking the ocean. i could get used to this life. #espanolitatrips
some of the olive trees that surround our finca, son rullán are 300 years old. today @deborahsculinaryisland took us on a walk to pick olives and teach us how to brine them. it’s such a rare and beautiful sight to see olive trees right next to the ocean like that. the orchards are surrounded by stone retaining walls that measure almost the length of the great wall of china. i’m learning so much and feeling so connected to nature here. in mallorca the landscape feeds into your life. it is life. one doesn’t exist without the other. #espanolitatrips
this kitchen was built in 1776 and has barely been updated since. hard to fathom for this american girl. #espanolitatrips
we are staying in a xiv century monastery up on a hillside, surrounded by olive orchards with views of the ocean. #espanolitatrips
off the airport, heading back to beautiful Spain. i can’t wait to swim in these waters again. the balearic islands are one of my favorite places i’ve ever been, and this time i get to explore the island of Mallorca with @espanolita_net. for those of you that are joining us, i’m so looking forward to spending the week with you.
albeit a short stopover, i’m excited to see you in the morning NYC. #sweetthingnyc
so happy to have @mixedbusinessla open again and looking more beautiful than ever
when i posted this to stories, i got a message translating the writing on the wall. it translates to "because I am the size of what I see..." which is perfect, since i’m just a little speck in a mirror that is reflecting so much more. i looked it up and it turns out to be part of a poem by Caeiro. the next line reads “and not the size of my own height.” it’s stayed with me. (thanks for translating @gabi___g)
if it wasn't for that sliver of blue, i'd think this lighthouse was on mars. can't wait to be back in this part of the world in only 3 weeks with @espanolita_net
just as i was desperately missing the balearic islands & plotting ways to get back there, i got the opportunity to join @espanolita_net in mallorca this october. i will be photographing the retreat while we explore the island through its cuisine, local makers and the enchanting terrain. there are only a few spots left! i hope you'll join us october 7-14. check out the link in profile for more info.
missing this view and €3 glasses of wine