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thomas_k 266w ago
Before the fall...

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adventures are forever
our #RoadToMAX17 road trip is over now and we made it to vegas. but before i return to some good old urban shots i would like to share a few more of my recent nature and landscape work. since the goal of this road trip was to challenge my perspective, i will continue to challenge it a little more. big thanks for all the kind words on all the shots and stories i posted lately.
#antelopecanyon #lightroom
catching rays
during the last week we have seen so many incredible places that it‘s hard for me to keep up with editing all these pictures. now we almost made it to vegas but i will continue sharing shots from our #RoadToMax17 road trip. here‘s horseshoe bend right before sundown.
#arizona #lightroom
lost in the right direction
almost a week on the road and there’s still so much to see before we arrive to @adobe MAX in vegas this monday.
more shots and videos from our #RoadToMAX17 road trip can be found in my stories. this one was taken somewhere between joshua tree and phoenix.
#joshuatree #lightroom
phoenix palm sighting
drove more than 500 miles since our #RoadToMAX17 road trip has started in los angeles. today we have just arrived to grand canyon but here’s a shot from yesterday’s epic sunset in phoenix.
#phoenix #lightroom
all day, all night
only spent one full day in LA but it was insane and i’m already planning my return for early next year. our #RoadToMAX17 road trip continues with a visit of Joshua Tree National Park today. check my stories if you wanna follow along.
#losangeles #lightroom
open road
no better way to kick off #RoadToMAX17 than this incredible sunrise with some super creative folks. on our way from los angeles to @adobe MAX in las vegas during the next week. next stop: palm springs.
#losangeles #lightroom
the re-opening
few days ago i had the chance to explore the beautifully renovated berlin state opera (@staatsoperberlin) before it was re-opened on oct 3rd, perfectly on time for germany’s reunification festivities. many thanks to @visit_berlin for having me.
#berlin #berlin365 #visit_berlin #visit_berlin_instameet #staatsoperunterdenlinden
lights please! „berlin illuminated” is one of two illumination festivals that take place here in october. during the festival, almost 500 buildings are illuminated with light installations, laser, video and 3D projections to light up the city for the beginning of the darker season. i was there to take some photos for @sei_berlin, so feel free to check their feed and my stories if you wanna see more. also don’t forget to check out some of the installations yourself if you’re in berlin currently.
#berlin #berlinleuchtet #freiheitberlin #weilesgehtinberlin
no ordinary day
one final shot from that early morning in stockholm‘s historic center. also the end of my little series for @absolutvodka.
#stockholm #AbsolutNights
dawn patrol
sharing a few more shots from my stockholm weekend with @absolutvodka before i return to berlin.
#stockholm #absolutnights
the party‘s over here
about last night at #AbsolutArtBar, the latest edition of @absolutvodka‘s pop-up bar concept. themed „mareld (glowing seas)“ visitors were engaged to reimagine a prehistoric geological event, envisioning the natural history of sweden. check my stories if you’d like to see more.
#stockholm #absolutnights
the darker days
one more from yesterday’s morning walk before i start sharing a few portraits i took last night at #AbsolutArtBar
#stockholm #absolutnights
let’s make some memories
made it from bavaria to sweden and spending this weekend in stockholm. just finished our first sunrise mission (no sunrise though) and now looking forward to this evening’s #AbsolutArtAward.
#stockholm #absolutnights