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  Posted: Sep 11, 2012 1:55 AM
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Lazy hoes gone hate it....the hustling women gone love it!
  • @meekmill love it cause i get out n get it but u need to write one for these sorry ass niggas if u c It's low u should get out n get it I shouldn't have to ask. 50/50 boo we went half on this babie we gone go half all the way

  • ima love it !!😍😍😍

  • LMAO! WOW . . . WTH she doin with the child support? Even chump change child support can cover pampers . . .lol

  • what? smh yu sound stupid

  • Since when did needing pampers form ur child's father become basic? Ignorance on fire! Smh lol

  • 👎👎👎👎👎 yea this weak Meek

  • lol

  • I Gotta Kp @Gettin it For #those who #Not #Able

  • Let em know! #amommyshustle

  • Love this! Callin bout the baby need milk n pampers. Hoe get a job n buy him some! #ratbitches with no potential

  • @tineeka y u so salty about

  • SHUT UP^^^^^^^ hahahahaha somebody feels guilty hahahahaha

  • I'm not a single mother or anything but it might not be that they need him to buy things it might be that they want him to buy things....which they shouldn't have to ask for in the first place. He should be up on his game as a father and want to do things for the children he that makes him a basic nigga. @tineeeka i totally agree with you..... ima sticking up for all the single mothers, because my mother was a single mother!

  • @tineeeka I agree 100% I'm doing better than his ass but plz believe if we r in need he better kick out!

  • love it

  • I am a single mother and I ain't never call my baby daddy for shit or took him for child support. I work hard everyday for my baby. Thankfully, he also takes care of her, so he ain't no basic dude either.

  • Meek u talk to much shit I don't have kids but if I did even though I'm a RN the nigga still gonna help he helped fuck me to make the kid. Smfh ignorance is a terrible thing.niggas poppin bottles but talkin shit about diapers get ur mind rite youngn

  • Yep

  • @trinicn I damn right this dude here tho<<<<<< idk if I can deal I had to stop following his ass on tweeter cause of his dumbass cocky comments now look at this nigga smh and he got money and just looks down on pple that shit not Gona last long!!!! I give him another year and he will b just a basic old rapper

  • @sweetk88 tell him ..... WHAT THE FUCK that's some ignorant shit to say. I fucking hustle for me n my two kids what you mean if you are the father u as a man should have no problem bringing your son pampers well atleast real men don't have a problem with it

  • My kids call dad just to bring them McDonald n he does it w all the pleasure of his heart fuck outta here IGNORANT

  • Yessss 👏 fucking #AMEN 🙏🙌

  • Wow really meek niggas get famous and don't know what to say out they mouth yo ass ain't no ricky no jay z so yo ass ain't even gon be poppin in the next uhhhhhhh 20min foh

  • Ladies, its fuckin pampers... Thats small shit, its obvious if Im makin millions Im setting the kid up for LIFE, you can at-least handle the pampers shit....

  • @dmarley1105 like dat ignorant nigga wud say.....Preach.....u got a good one be blessed

  • I can't be mad at @meekmill cuz there are there some basic females out there, but for the sting females, we can't let his opinions define us, cuz we know we are better than that. I know I am.

  • *strong

  • So fuckin tru....

  • I'm saying if a guy is taking care of his family 2 the fullest could u have da nerve 2 ask about pamper money....but walking around in red bottoms and louie bags! Only lazy women will not agree bcuz the independent women love women should have 2 fully depend on a man...smh


  • @meekmill amen!I kno I don't....that those chicks who have babies to keep they man..and utilities don't work out now u wna stalk..smh

  • @meekmill ok just red ya last comment u got a point!!

  • *read

  • *it don't work out/spell check

  • Luv it!!

  • @meekmill commentin n shit

  • I lov the man u hav become!!!!

  • I'm a hustler and I still call the babydaddy for stuff and he has no problem don't ask no questions a real nigga never ask questions fake niggas always have to ask a million questions

  • @meekmill, some do, some dont. The ratchet woman, who wear LV w no pampers for the kids, have a seat. As for the other responsible good mothers, stand up and shows these chicks what its really hitting for:)

  • I been preaching this shit 2 my homies 4 years. #church

  • ❤ it

  • Broke ass bitches!

  • Cdfu I'm one of the women who love it!!!!

  • I believe all your saying is do for yourself and your kids never depend on anyone... I'm one of the lucky women whose children dad helps without asking but stand on your own regardless...

  • @meekmill I agree wit this stat and ur comments some hoes only have one skill and that's being on their back that line of business is just about over 😱 o gawd

  • Exactly now that u rephrase it I like it lol... But some dudes choose to do nothing point blank... Mommy & daddy roll and loving it

  • Real talk!!!

  • Bitchez be tryna call they bbd for any lil thing tho

  • Wat u shudda said if a female gotta beg u for pampers u a basic ass nigga....niggas kill me...

  • 👆👆what she said

  • Even ppl with jobs still need help, stop da ignorant shit dumbasses. And a real nigga wouldnt let his child go without or give his babymama a reason to call. U made it, u take carw of it. But If a bitch pit yall on child support then yall feelns hurt!!

  • angecg 5y ago


  • Well said!^^^^^

  • You knew she wasn't doing shit before you stuck her w/ no protection!! #shitaintgochange

  • 🔨🔨🔨

  • Rite. Some hoes jus dnt no any better. Get off ur back and get on ur feet, hoe baby gotta eat!#teamigotthis


  • @09black_barbie that's the point I'm tryn get across too.

  • I have a son and bitches needa stack up on shit!!

  • Yeah but if she had a real man by her side she wouldn't have to even kinda backwards ghetto ass thinkin is that?!?!?

  • A mother when ever she gets money needs to go buy a shit load of everything so she never runs out poor child!! Sone girls go get them self shit then run out of shit for the baby smh love my son to pieces and half these bb mons bb dads r gone or not around how do u think they do it they get by with help and support i can say some babymoms actually need the help amd some r just smart wit there money

  • And some r just lazy n dumb so @meekmill isnt talking bout all women just the bum ass bitches!! Get on ur grind!! Ans bb dads if ur around step the fuck uppp

  • @noladarling24 my baby aint even here yet and i stacked on her boxes of diapers, alone! So best believe if she ever need more and i couldnt do it, even workn full time I'm damn sure call her daddy! And if he still dont do shit, i ain't hesitant to putn his ass on dem papers

  • @cherry_da_original I hear that shit! Lol congrats on ur booboo!

  • I love u @meekmill but if she had to call for diapers u r officially a nothing ass nigga!

  • 😁^^^ she calls for plenty diapers. 😜

  • Sooo true !!

  • 🙌 @lifesizebarbiedoll well said!

  • #stop breeding these girls that jump straight to this solution #papers. Yes a man is suppose to do for his child but if he ain't there from jump you'll obviously wasn't grown n sat down n made the decision on keeping the babii or not. N if you'll did on you'll own make that decision then by all means you'll should r independent n not want for anything n do what u have to. #sidebar I don't have kids n this is why. #mistakeshappen

  • They better vote...They gone have to if Obama dont get in again!!! Should handle ya biz anyway

  • Gotta steal dis

  • How else u gunna tell your baby father to step up.. He obviously ain't there to know his Yuit needs diapers.. Meaning that "" official bitch"" is taking care of it..I'm not saying its right if a bitch be spending money on herself..but a mans suppose to make sure his Yuit is good.. ESPECIALLY IF HE AIN'T THERE

  • True that @meekmill should have sent 2-3 months worth bfore he left. #dorightbyyourkid

  • Or call @Honiztee I'll guide u to the $$$$$.....

  • If bitches gotta call for pampers, you a basic sperm Donor. @meekmill

  • @queenashanty lmao right!

  • I love it baby:)

  • @meekmill. I agree. Handle ur business and be independent. He didnt just become irresponsible he was like that when you laid down with him smh

  • I'm entitled to ask 1x .. bt if Yu keep calling Yu a #basic bitch! @meekmill

  • Church!

  • I so agree @meekmill

  • Ratchet

  • Lol

  • U weak af for this. She shouldn't have to ask if that's your kid. And your pretty much saying you fuck basic bitches. So who's the basic one? Oh. Ok. 😒

  • U r so right girl, @_hairweave_killah

  • no matter what mama baby I'll be dam if mine go without

  • Damn son is good with or without his dad

  • Realtalk !

  • If she has to ask, she let the wrong guy knock her up! lol! #teamnokids

  • Love!!! Get yall ass up

  • 👍

  • See this pattern??? How many women doing it without they're sperm donor.. Men are useless these days.. Wrap it up!! SIMPLE..

  • True !

  • @misxfckntayy Lol what cha talking about? That's my point, it should not matter how he and his baby momma's relationship is. The KID comes first. If the kid needs it, get it...that has nothing to do with being a happy family. Just don't give baby momma the receipt to anything just in case she tries to make a return to the store & get cash haha

  • @scorpio_kandie Lol accidents happen too. People just need to be more responsible and only have sex with someone you wouldn't mind having a kid with, because thats a possibility

  • Lmao what day and age are you living in?? People have sex.. Whether it be with someone u see urself with in the future or whether its just for fun.. But being responsible is taking care of these so called "accidents" being a man is taking care of his takes TWO!! a women carries the child the child in most cases lives with the mother..while a man fucks more girls gets more girls pregnant and wines when the women asks for things that a man should be on top of.. @sk3bbp

  • Oh and just to add.. Why the fuck u bitchn about pampers when u rolling around in riches.. Taking pics with cars and bragging about what u got and ur Yuit needs diapers.. @meekmill you should listen to ur boys when they speak of being humble.. Cause your family is all u got in the end and whether u like it or not.. That official girl is gunna be in your life forever

  • @scorpio_kandie What up Kandie lol I live in reality. Yes it takes two, which is why people need to be responsible for their actions. Having sex with just anybody to "have fun" is what gets people caught up. Like I said, people need to act and know the consequences/possibilities of having sex (KIDS/STDS). Having standards is not difficult. We'd have less of that problem (men not taking care of their kids) if the woman would choose wiser. We live in a world where being "cool" outweighs being smart.

  • If you gotta CALL ya baby daddy for ANYTHING he not doing his shit right!! A REAL MAN would never let his child ever come close to running outta diapers

  • Ayyyyyeeee...u a fool @meekmill

  • Yess

  • TRU!!!!

  • @bee845 Right!

  • @mseverythinggoes Exactly.. Cuz a real man shouldn't have to be TOLD what to do.. Just like they didn't have to be TOLD when to nut

  • @millionmeeks THAT'S SO True

  • once upon time you laid down and had sex with that basic chick... so I'm guessing you are basic nigga ... That BASICALLY sums it up! 

  • @tifypop nah what?

  • @tifypop I have three diff comments be spacific

  • Scared money dont make no money ! invest 40$ , you'll recieve 500$ and better NO BULLSHIT ! Hit me up with your email now

  • @therealjoefalc ..what the hell u trying to say??u seem a bit confused Sexist Redneck wigger.. Lol @tifypop u still didn't answer

  • i love this

  • Woooo I love it..

  • @scorpio_kandie what was the question?

  • 😂😂 I hoe females that do that

  • @tifypop lol wow..u said nah about something I said.. And I asked what u said nah to.. But u know Wut forget it idc

  • @scorpio_kandie you tripping. I didn't know what you was talking about and I wasn't about to go through all those comments to try to figure it out. Not caring is your choice!!!

  • No1 is tripping I said it takes two.. And he needs to stop wining. That's trippn?? @tifypop

  • @scorpio_kandie you said you don't care so drop it!

  • @tifypop forget I said that why you say nah when u didnt even read what I wrote?? That doesnt make sense now..

  • @scorpio_kandie you Wayyy in left field...& I'm not going to explain myself.. It's not that deep. #drop-it

  • @scorpio_kandie wtf u talking about I didn't read it.. You on some other sh*t

  • Nah u got it twisted.. It ain't about being deep, just asking a simple question u obviously can't answer.. @tifypop

  • @scorpio_kandie girl bye

  • That's right.. My baby has a closet just for pull ups :) @meekmill #RBS #RealBossShit Only time I don't have it is when my son GoT it :) Have a Great Day Handsome :)

  • Love this... chicks now days don't know their role. Instead of worrying about they damn selves & depending on a man... They should make shit happen. Tired of weak women! Get ya shit together! @meekmill chuuuurch!

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