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kidadams 266w ago
Chocolate Santa clause brought me my shoe samples today! My size even!!!! Hell ya!!!!!

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Man,....... mini ramp footy of @jasonjessee back in the day was priceless and so inspirational...... fuck I hate the word, made me so fired up to learn shit properly and Skate weired shit! Cheers to J Jesse a true master of ripping shit up! Rehype from @ojwheels
I fucking hate Trump. And for all off you that are gunna make remarks for pro Trump or telling me to keep politics off IG..... Just un follow me. I don’t like politics. All though I do follow, but I usually shy away from pushing my opinions about issues....... I am open to all ideas and every ones point of view with out bias...... from all parties......but this fucktard is out of hand. He’s our biggest threat to ‘so called national security’ I don’t even understand how he is getting away with the daily non stop horse shit he throws at us all?? HE NEEDS TO BE GONE!
I fucking love this guy!!! Happy Birthday @matthensley22 You fucking rule! Like totally!
This is sick! My 'still homeboy' from back in the day! @isdogram #tiltmodearmy #platipusskateboards
I'm 10 minutes late! But happy fucking birthday to the one and only Sir Ricky Windsor!!
Coffee with @theeteenaged just add biscuits, gravy n beacon!
Thanx for the birthday wishes peoples!! Got some killer punk rock presents from my sisters and my kids!!!
Painting I did of of heavy duty skate shralp legend @mrolson and by the way he has a LMT colab line with rip roaring @theeteenaged available now!!
The new frontal zone.......
Curb piece I made a couple weeks ago for @ericw3 #slappyhour