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May the Love Asteroid fly to where it is needed❣
Trip Day 12: no pix, as we were on a fast train. But attendant found me some Sonoma sparkling wine to have with my meal, so I made this heart, to mark the occasion.
Trip Day 3.5: Early morning in Amsterdam Central. Nobody on the streets but me, the pigeons, and the trams.
Thank you to Ivy & Bros in Amsterdam for being there. I enjoyed a huge, delicious Gluten-Free sandwich for my dinner.
Trip Day 2: hubby needed sleep, so I left him in the room to walk all over central Amsterdam, taking photos.
Today's LeoGram: He enjoyed the park today in an exploring, toddler way! Even loved the yellow slide (background).
Today's painting: Leslie Lapin Wanted To Be a Redhead
Today's LeoGram: 2pics--He gave Raggedy Ann & Andy a ride in his FishieBop, then did some rasslin' & stole one of Ann's little white shoes.
Snapped this foto in a fast food drive thru. Notice anything?
Today's LeoGram: I don't always turn 37 weeks old. But when I do, it's on the floor, going wherever I can explore.
Today's LeoGram: he is modeling (trying to NOT model) his new Beatles shirt.
5:25pm on July 12, 2017 This car almost ran over the stroller with E's baby in it!!! The driver, a young white woman with straight, dark hair ran a stop sign in the Broadway Pointe parking garage in Walnut Creek, California, and almost hit us on the sidewalk. Some words were exchanged, then she sped around in a circle to flee the scene, and ran another stop sign on a busy street with lots of pedestrians!! Calif Lic# 7CDD298, gray Toyota Corolla. Can someone please get her off the road! #walnutcreekpd
Today's LeoGram: Is this an embarrassed or a daring expression? What would your face show, if you were covered in marinara sauce and smeared avocado?
Today's Kat-image: This is the Day When Bea Escapes Her Box
Today's LeoGram: This 32-week-old likes to hide, then peek out of the curtain.
Today's LeoGram: In a few days, Leo is moving 23 miles away. We will miss his sunshine in the early mornings.
I'm excited to be among LOTS of my fab family here in San Diego for Griffin and Kelly's wedding.
Today's LeoGram: I'm so glad that our little pirate is home from Clockwork Alchemy. He grew a lot in those four days!
Today's LeoGram: I have a what? Oh, a beard??