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colr 266w ago
  • Behind every picture is a story and we would love to showcase your art allowing the IG community to spread their voice and give your picture a story, perhaps a poem or quote. We would be honored to use your work, if you're interested please let us know. This is something new to the IG community and would love to have you a part of it. Check it out @collectivecomprehension or tag your pictures #collectivecomprehension We thank you in advance!

  • colr 260w ago

    @this_cool_chick It's fine as long as you give credit and not make any profit. You could start by following lol

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colr 111w ago
Summer in Central Park
colr 168w ago
A new app called "Matter" from Ben Guerrette is available!!! If you're not sure what it is, go on over to @benguerrette and ask him about it. I'm curious myself.
colr 191w ago
🎉Vote🎉. Please help my painting win. Click on the link in my bio and vote for me. Enter your name. Please help!!!
colr 199w ago
"It's Finally Here!!!!" Go to the App Store to download this awesome app by @benguerrette @fragmentapp
colr 200w ago
"Fragment App" Official launch date is "tomorrow" Dec 19!!!!!!!!!!!! or if you can't wait, go over to @benguerrette He's giving 10 away! @fragmentapp
colr 201w ago
time flys (Dali inspired piece)
colr 201w ago
Summertime friendship bw