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linacaro 266w ago
a little something from the @renegadecraft fair that I'd been eyeing for months. thanks @citiesindust! #rcfchicago

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Sharing time with @localnatives in Mérida, Mexico. Special people in a special place 🇲🇽
Dreaming in Spanish. See you at the end of the month, Mexico. | 📷: @lucyhewett
Photographic evidence of love, evolved. Surrounded by the community they created, the future they envision and the environment they cherish— I love these two more than Charles Darwin loved carnivorous plants. #tigheingtheknot
I don't think about "being brave" very often but damn, I felt it wearing this very white jumpsuit to an outdoor festival full of porta-pottys and drunk people. Thank you for documenting that feeling, @tresawesome– and my love for @lizpesnel 🤗 #p4kfest
Find yourself a best friend who would rather stare at clouds than play sports, (over)analyze the world through five different lenses, make up alter egos that would’ve hung with Andy Warhol and reminds you to feel deeply because that’s what we need more of; then keep her close for 12 years and wonder where time has gone on her 30th birthday. I love you to Pluto and back, Haley E. Hastings. Thank you for making sense of this world with me 👭
The humidity in China is THICK. Only had a moment to snap a photo of a roadside vendor's lychee stand and my camera fogged up. But I was left with this happy, dreamy accident.
Saw a sign today in Hong Kong that read, "Seeing the Unseen..." and I couldn't agree more.
My friend went to Zion National Park and all I got was this lousy #funkychairfriday photo. JUST KIDDING, I love my friends. How cool is this ?? 📷 @feelydan
Face your skeletons. Or in this case, a Palaeopropithecus skeleton (a lemur that lived and looked like a sloth.)
Today my little sister reminds me that she's not so little anymore, that I did a pretty okay job feeding us pizza rolls after school and that I will never stop asking her to stand in photos for me because every year she's a little more beautiful than the last. So happy to spend it with you. Here's to your Jordan Year, baby girl 💫
Today I passed a sea of students on a field trip at the Art Institute. My memory triggered by the smell of sunscreen and nervous laughter. I recalled my own feelings on field trips in school: hanging on the outskirts of the group, pretending like I’d come to this place on my own, out in the world because I can be. No chaperones. No annoying buddy I was randomly paired with. Just me and my independence– until I'm called back to reality. Called back to the bus. Because it’s my only option. Being an adult means having options. I looked forward to that as a child. I overlooked the bills and obligations part. But today, I’m just grateful that I could go to the museum because I wanted to. Happy #adulting.
As a girl, I always admired this photo of my mother looking so serene. To this day, I still see it in my mind anytime I brush eyeshadow on. I never need a reason to look back at photos of my mother as my father's muse but Mother's Day is an exceptionally good excuse. Te amo, mami.