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  Posted: Sep 10, 2012 5:46 AM
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ACV never let's me down! We use the #Raw apple cider vinegar and it's amazing! Seriously we all take shots daily of it and even wash our dogs with it! Keeps flee's away! Mix with lemonade or water if needed! I'm a straight up kinda girl tho! Lol ;) #acv #applecidervinegar #love #vegan #homeremedies #vegansofig #truth
  • @justvegan I do two table spoons in morning and two at night. :) it alkalizes your body for the day!! :)

  • Yes please how much

  • I do a shot in the morning for the day

  • @juicingbee see above :) FYI u can't overdose on ACV :) If ur starting to feel sick take a Dose or two. It will heal ya right up!

  • Been doing this off an on for a month or so and I can feel the difference when I don't have it! I like to drink it hot with honey :)

  • @hawaiiansojah Awesome!!! Its Soo #amazeballz for you!!!!! I Love the stuff! 👍💢👊💢😉

  • @kealoha_l awesome!!! Super beneficial!! It leaches toxins from our insides and is an amazing cleanser!! It detoxifies and breaks down fat cells as well to aid in weightloss :) good shizzle! ;)

  • @justvegan perfect! Then add some ACV once a day and you're in!! ;) 😘

  • It's not bad for the teeth?

  • @ch1ck_p3a actually not at all! It's also a natural teeth whitener and you just rub it onto your teeth :) it's amazing stuff!!!

  • @justvegan @ch1ck_p3a @juicingbee check this site out!

  • I'm going to start doing that too. I never though of just taking it straight up! Thanks for the info! 😃

  • I have mine every day for lots of reasons. Mostly cause I love it.

  • @jensupple it's harsh but awesome! I chase with water or something! That helps! 💚 @fiercescarlet Yuppers! And skin issues on Animals and peeps too! and all kids of things! Lol @deann74 yes I love the taste too! Lol I'm such a vinegar freak! ;)

  • Is all the above list just by drinking it? Or applying it?

  • @beachmama I love apple cider vinegar.... I like to mix it with brags for salad dressing. Yum!!... :) I just love vinegar in general!!...

  • And soy sauce.... 😁

  • It reminds me of alcohol when I take too much...I don't and havent drank in many years though 😜 I mix a teaspoon of raw ACV in a glass of hot water a couple times a day, is this enough for benefits do you think?

  • Oh and I use it instead of conditioner on my hair - amazing 😊

  • I hate the taste but it has help me with my chronic kidney stones. Kept me from having surgery!

  • suzymr 5y ago

    Really? Thanks I will give it a try. Do you recommend a particular brand

  • @juicingbee this night help ya. I love this stuff :-)

  • @juicingbee might not night, lol!

  • @suzymr Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is the best

  • This stuff is truly amazing!!! It took care of my chronic acid reflux, completely cleared up my sinus infection and all around just makes me feel great.. I do three shots a day with a shot glass morning, noon &night. I will never stop ACV for life!!!!!

  • suzymr 5y ago

    Thanks ✨✌

  • @aastham check this out

  • @hi_vegan thanks! I didn't know this! I only use it for detox. This is great stuff! :)

  • @aastham your welcome. It's changed my life

  • @beachmama total believer in acv. Drink it regularly and if I start to feel a cold coming on. I haven't gotten sick in two years.

  • @soelenalove absolutely!!!! My two kids both take 2-4 tablespoons daily!!! It's seriously amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • @soelenalove yes! Much better!!!! It works!! It alkalines your body too! U can Mix into juice, water or straight up shoot n chase! It's up to you. Follow with plenty water. It's awesome stuff!!! Mine shoot it now but used to mix :) they're 7&9 yrs old. Good luck. I just make mine Do it now. Bribe them!? Lol cut back on sugar too that'll help a lot :) aloha!!

  • I read that ACV straight can burn your that true? Or would that only be in large quantities

  • @karenbudree that may be true in large amounts.. A couple of tablespoon's a day keep's the doctor away

  • Great! My husband is sick right now so i'll get him to try that. Any juice suggesting a for a sore throat/cold?

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