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  Posted: Sep 10, 2012 4:12 AM FEED
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  • Yum!! Thanks for the follow!! Keep toning it up!!! I'm routing for yuh! 😜💪

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Bessy and I at Jecel & Benedict's wedding last night. We clean up good 😉. Thanks again for accommodating me during this last minute trip! Had fun chilling with you and Noah! #bengotjoyed #bff #weddings
07.11.11. This date marks the day I met you (again). But that day was different. It's so cheesy to say, but I felt that spark when we were introduced (again), the type of spark you see in movies. I was in denial at first, but I was really giggly, elated, excited.
Fast forward to today and I still genuinely feel the same way. No one else can make me laugh the way you do. But the best feeling of all is knowing that we're in this together no matter what.
Thank you for being understanding, for being patient, for being caring and thoughtful, for being really funny, for being accepting, for being sweet, so basically, for being the best FIANCÉ anyone could ever have. You know you're lucky when you have someone who's okay to marry you butt-naked in the sands (his words, not mine) because he only cares that you do get married. Happy Anniversary, you butt-naked monkey. Julubs forever and ever. I love you very much. 😘❤️😍🙊
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome FIANCÉ!! I love you so very much you hot, handsome, cute man!!! 😍😍You are the best person in the world even though you overcook my bacon for breakfast. Thank you for loving me and my cooking and my awesome singing, just everything!!!! I can't wait for our wedding which is gonna be one epic party! But for now let's celebrate your last time being 29. I loveeeee youuuuuuu!!!!! ❤❤❤🎉🎉
#Saturdate with Bessy. Our fave things: spa and coffee. ❤ I'm gonna miss this a lot. #bff #spadate #juillet #spanishlatte #latteart
Thank you @mrslawsin and @aianlawsin for capturing, printing, and framing this moment I would never forget. You guys are the best! Love you guys 😘.
12.07.16 ❤️ Cebu, especially Kawasan Falls, will now always have a special place in my heart. He popped the question during our canyoneering tour in front of some of our closest friends (and the best tour guides) and it was a surreal but magical moment. Cheers to the start of our long engagement @jaromamay lol! I love you lots! 😍😘 #engaged #engagementring #gettinghitched #love #cebu #kawasanfalls
By far, one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I have never been this close in a concert and truly lucked out that I didn't have to pay more than face value for such great seats. Just like @brunomars, she sounded just like her records and she was funny as hell! I would watch you over and over again @adele! Thanks for an amazing night! #adele #adelevancouver #adelelive2016 #dreamcometrue
#paintnite with my #love. ❤️💕 this was a lot of fun and wanna do it again so we have paintings to hang in the new house lol! #datenight #latergram
Happy happy birthday my love!!! This was one your first snaps to me. I saved cause it reminds me of how sweet and funny you are. I still don't know where you're pulling your hilarious jokes from, but thank you for always making me laugh!!! Thanks for making me breakfast whenever you can, for driving me around, for 'trying' to push me to go to gym when I'm lazy, for calling me out when I'm being a big baby, for trying to calm me down when I'm stressed, basically for everything that you do!!! We've reached a lot of milestones together in under 5yrs, and can't wait for the future ones we'll accomplish together! Thank you for being the best partner in the whole entire universe!! I love you so muchhhh!!! Happy 28th!! 😘❤️😁❤️ #birthdayboy #marchbaby #love #happy28th
At Zaireen's baptism. One of the rare times I get dolled up. Lol. 😊 #notaselfie
Fun night with my girls last Friday. We can turn any crappy situation into a fun one as long as we're doing it together. Until our next one loves. #bestfriends #bff
Posted: Feb 22, 2016 8:15 PM
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#lunch: #homemade steak and prawn with side of #veggie and #roastedyam. So delish! #healthyeats