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Not sure how to caption this or explain how beautiful this entire place way on the inside - loaded with REAL antiques from France, Spain, and India... Then this door opened to the pasture outside to let the breeze blow through. The perfect mix of past and present all blended together among the dust, old wood and rust. #myhappyplace #antiqing #roundtoptexas #texasantiquesweek #mclarens
Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, Ellie! 💗 She is no longer a little girl, but quickly growing into a smart, funny and kind young lady right before our eyes! I'm so grateful that God has given me the special gift of being aunt to you and all of the cousins. Enjoy your special day, Ellie!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, phone calls, and messages. I had a great day and feel very loved! ❤☺️❤
Today's #officespace courtesy of this amazing cool, fall weather we are having! 🙌🏼 Not pictured: the 2 cans of mosquito repellent sitting next to me. 😕Hey, it's Texas, so we take the good with the bad. #outdooroffice #gettingstuffdone
A few more photos from our 75% total eclipse viewing using our at-home DIY methods. 😎
Reminiscing about last week's lake vacation in the Hill Country. Not pictured: the severe allergies I suffered from the entire week. 🤧 #reality #TBT #LakeLBJ #lakelife #casanovalakevacay
The water was sparkling like it was full of diamonds this morning 💎 #casanovalakevacay
Trying to delete some of the 3,000 photos on my iPhone so it will stop yelling at me and crashing. Found this one from January 2016 from my flight from Dallas to Phoenix for the National Championship game. #RollTide #iphonestorageatfullcapacity #storageissues #toomanyphotos #sunrise #photosfromtheplane
The sky's the limit with this one 👆🏼. Just keep looking up, you'll go so far! 🌟