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  Posted: Sep 9, 2012 11:44 PM FEED
2 Hudson
Could not have imagined a better view to end this day. New York, I love you.

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Had so much fun on @accesshollywood this morning sharing new pieces from! Did any of you catch the segment?! We're heading back tomorrow, too. Is this real life? Apparently, yes?? Pinch me.
Just fantasizing about a world where the news doesn't feed into an endless cycle of anxiety 🙃 (wearing the lola vinyl skirt)
Growing up, sports was always a huge source of confidence for me - and where I made so many of my lifelong friends. In high school, I was a swimmer and played on the water polo team, and though I was battling so much internally, like figuring out my sexuality and how that was part of my identity, it also lead me to a life changing friendship with someone who still, 16 years later, is one of my best friends. We were the first people to come out to each other, and without connecting through sports, I know navigating our teenage years would have felt much more lonely and isolating. Now, it is so important for me to connect with other LGBTQ youth and advocate for their wellbeing. For any person who feels different or experiences marginalization, visibility, peer-to-peer connection, and mentorship is so essential to building self-esteem. During the month of October, @PlanetFitness is promoting its pro-kindness, anti-bullying initiative, the Judgment Free Generation, in collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (@bgca). During the first half of the month, for every new member that joins, they will donate the enrollment fees as to BGCA! Last year they donated close to $1million. #ad
Celebrating @bradwalsh's album release in the most incredible @csiriano ruffled beaded pink top that I ever did see 😍 (sorry this skirt sucks and doesn't do the look justice at all)
New is live today ✨ I know you've seen @gabifresh and I wear this one (the sol trench dress) on repeat, but it's finally available today - along with lots of other new 🔥 pieces. We're just out here creating our dream wardrobes, one step at a time. Link in bio. #premmeIRL
Moment of joy: Frankie. And. Me. In. Matching. OUTFITS.
It's hard not to feel heartbroken when there's so much grief and tragedy happening in our world. A thing I've been doing to help elevate my own mood: reminding myself of the places I find joy and expressing gratitude, and asking others to share their own joy with me. I love my family and friends SO MUCH. I love animals, especially my cat and dog, and especially that I can have silly, playful moments with Frankie like dressing up in matching jackets. I love this time of year when the air turns just a little more brisk, and I walk aimlessly exploring throughout Brooklyn. I love my community and the ways we reach out and lean on each other in times of crisis and of celebration. I love my work, and that I get the chance to be creative every single day. I love the ritual of swiping on a bright red lipstick and lining my lids and piling on my femme armor. Healing and self-care look different for everyone, but I hope these little things help someone. Sending you all love and strength, and if you feel up to it, please share a few things that bring YOU joy.
I’ve been struggling to get some down time lately (start up life, what’s up?!) but I packed some @BarefootWine Refresh Spritzers (make sure to bring enough for your friends!) and headed to my parent’s house for a little at-home spa get together, (it's still hot in LA!). These Refresh Spritzers are the perfect drink for a relaxing spa day with friends; they're refreshing, delicious, and perfect for an on-the-go life. #YeahYouCan
That time I visited @pieraluisa's 🍑peach pit 🍑 at R29 with my babes @gabifresh @theagg #premmeIRL
Oh, hey. 💁🏼 This lace dress is available now on - along with 10 other pieces from our fall collection. The rest of fall is launching now through October 25th! 📸 @laracallahan #premmeIRL
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 3:18 PM
73 Lark
Non-stop dancing (and working) on our upcoming collection and SO excited for new pieces to launch this Friday🕺🏻✨ #premmeIRL 📸 by @jessejesse.jesse, probably
It's important to have goals and aspirations which is why I'm dressing for the weather I want instead of the weather I'm actually getting. at #thecurvycon. Thank you so much to @garnerstyle & @ceceolisa for inviting our baby brand to be part of your event! It was such an incredible two days and we met SO MANY thoughtful, confident, and empowered babes. Special thank you to @shmanishmasia @jessejesse.jesse @dontcallhercoco for being a dream team ✨💖🦄 (📸 @jessejesse.jesse)