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megarae 266w ago
City Church Seattle

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Thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to vacation with me @dylan_lutz_ ! I’ll see you again in 2 months! 💋
#aclfest with my Dylan. Could not have asked for a better weekend 💞
Austin City Limits Music Festival has got me turned upside down with excitement!
Happy birthday Chown! Im terrible at pictures but I'm working on birthdays. I hope this year is the best yet, I mean it!
Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard.
I miss him.
Days off reading and sipping fall beverages are much more enjoyable with you Douglas. #nomakeup #douglasfur #readmore
We both miss our human. ••••••••••••••••••••••••
Throwback to when we were all together exploring the PNW.
Out of all the fancy toys I bought for my spoiled Douglas, this string is his favorite. #catsofinstagram #cymriccat #douglasfur
Missing mornings in the mountains.
It's official, I'm a cat lady. I'd say that little Douglas Fur has made himself at home.
I already miss you an unreasonable amount. It's stupid.
And just like that, he's gone. Dylan, Texas does not know how lucky it is to have you. I'll be here cheering you on and awaiting your return. You're going the be the best physical therapist there is! I believe in you ❤️❤️❤️
“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
— Matsuo Basho
megarae 10w ago
Backpacking challenges me in more ways than physically. It also challenges my perspective and way of life. Being back in the city I already feel overstimulated, distracted, overwhelmed, like I have a short attention span and not enough time. I like the way the Wilderness challenges me. It brings me clarity, there is simplicity and reflective solitude, a practice of awareness and being ever present in every moment. Backpacking challenges me to live everyday like this, to live intentionally, simply, and purposefully. #backpacking #optoutside #wallowamountains #eaglecapwilderness
megarae 10w ago
1. Wednesday night
2. Thursday night
3. Friday night
4. Saturday night
Safe to say that there was no bad spot to set up camp. Pictures and words are just not sufficient. More photos to come. #backpacking #optoutside #wallowamountains #eaglecapwilderness