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And thus continues the long, yet short, history of my head showing up in the background of film & screen.
Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s moment of Zen: Some #deer 🦌 in the backyard yesterday. Getting in on some of that good good corn.
Final evening of Middletown at Little Lake. I will miss this show so much. It’s been one of the best roles I’ve ever had the honor to work on. Everyone involved is so talented & have been a joy to work with. #saybye #saybyebye
Second weekend of Middletown is underway. It’s been a busy couple months for everything. This show has been a blessing amongst the pile of work I’ve got going on. It does get chaotic. So, in the words of my character, I’m taking a short moment to “listen to the river.” #lake #landscape #sunset
TECH WEEKEND! We open Middletown this week! Come and see an awesome show about life, starting this weekend at Little Lake Theatre.
Courthouse, Bridge of Sighs. 1888 vs 2017. I kept meaning to take this comparison photo for awhile. The street looks like it was lowered at some point. Anybody know? #pittsburgh #courthouse #oldvsnew
It's been months since I've slowed down & just taken a minute. A lot has been happening recently & in the midst of the chaos, I've forgotten to stop and breathe. I just got out of teaching a class & have a little time to kill, so here I am. What a beautiful city. I am lucky to be here. #pittsburgh #lazytime #slowdown #breathe
pyorick 13w ago
That time I walked around CMU's campus, dressed like a weirdo (with a samurai sword), for 1 shot that got cut from the film...The things I do for the @pittsburgh48hfp #pgh48hfp #48hfp #TheRedMasqueLivesOnInTheDirectorsCut
pyorick 15w ago
Working on another show for Little Lake Theatre! Middletown. It's not often I get to perform something with both humor and an emotional weight to it. I'm very much looking forward to it. Come check us out in September!
pyorick 17w ago
This is one of my favorite angles of downtown. You can only really see it for the short 5min ride on the Monongahela Incline. 7 years ago, I rode this incline every day when I lived on the mountain. It's around that time that I realized how much I love this city. I've been to a lot of places & there's something about it here that will always be home for me. When I'm here, I just feel happy. I'm sad that I'm going to have to leave again soon, but happy that I won't be far away.
pyorick 18w ago
When you're in a time pinch & realize you can get 2 timelapse at once.