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Floating w/ @rjacobfitness in round 7, i still don't understand how professional boxers go 12 rounds, I can barely throw in round 7 😢
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It is generally agreed upon that handmade cigars are better than machine made cigars, but ask why, and most people would not be able to tell you. ⠀

Most cigars are created when the wrapper is applied by hand to a bunch (combined, blended filler leaves) with a manual or motor-driven machine. Often these cigars are referred to as “machine bunched; handmade”. Machine made cigars are made entirely by machine using short filler or scrap filler tobacco. The wrapper is natural, but the binder is created from homogenized tobacco.⠀

Pure, 100% handmade cigars are produced without the use of any machines, and are created by a premium cigar roller.⠀

Learn more by clicking the link in our bio and checking out the "Learn" section. ⠀

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Floating at @fightclubgyms tired as hell trying to shadow to end my workout. Somebody tell my cousin @bronzebomber lets spar 🥊
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My angels @babychad3 & @babychaiel85 are being baptized today 🙌🏾
Her: I would sleep with you if you could fly

The kid @wespeso coming in in the clutch. "an ugly shoe to match an ugly face" -my grandma