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I've never been so proud to wear a square on my head!

The commencement ceremony last month was a public display of congratulations on a job well done by the students, for all their hard work and academic achievement.
But for me, and probably all the other students present, the ceremony represents something far more than receiving a piece of (really, really high quality) paper. It was a fun, interactive way of realizing that we are not the same person as the one we were four years ago. It was a time to look around and appreciate those to my left and to my right and those who traveled many miles to walk across the stage. It was a time to look forward with excitement and encouragement that I am capable and I am ready for what He has in store for me.
Four amazing years at Azusa Pacific University are in the books and I would've never had it any other way!!!!
Welcome to the 20's, brother! The man you've grown into amazes me. Thanks for all the lessons in choosing joy Brandan! Hope you have one heck of a bday. Love you❤️
This has been a hell of a week but I'm almost to the light, as are a lot of us || Hands are amazing and I think they are one of my favorite things || Graduating so soon is so surreal || In class today @elishafields said that I am a man of statements~
Lukewarm hot springs turn out to be worth it when there's a view!
This was definitely one of the most amazing moments in Iceland so far. We were driving home from an indescribable hike (ha) and breath-taking hot spring and all of the sudden these beautiful colors just started spreading and emerging across the sky! In our caravan we chased the sun over hills and peaks, ooo-ing and awe-ing at the wondrous show above. It was kind of one of those you-had-to-be-there things but hopefully this pic helps!
Thumbs up for spring break in winter 🤤❄️
February 16th || Today marks the anniversary of birth to someone who brings me and many others so much joy. I am tremendously thankful that you are in my life and I'm stoked to celebrate you today!! Happy birthday beautiful💕
Someone: "Hey you guys free the next 30 minutes?" Someone else: "yeah let's make a cool video!"
Me: "ok!!!" *thinking of the homework he has to do, knowing full well that he will have to wake up early to go to the new Starbucks on Citrus if he hopes to finish all his work before class* It was worth it. Full video link in bio. 📹 @jacobyackley
Anotha one || How cool is it that there are such amazing places we can explore and adventure in?!
Happy birthday brother! Thanks for all the adventures, laughs, and good times. Love you!
Yosemite in the winter is like brooke all the time - cool ❄️
So close yet so far... I'd rather be in so many other places than studying at Starbucks
Love watching you play mads. So good to see old pals!!!